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Tesco Direct: Tesco is one of the world's leading international retailers. Since the company first used the trading name of Tesco, in the mid 1920's, the Tesco group has expanded into many different formats, different markets and different sectors. Today Tesco Direct, the online face of Tesco shopping, is at the forefront of Tesco' continued growth. At the Tesco Direct website shoppers can find a huge variety of products to purchase, with categories including: PC, Photo & Gaming, Phones, Home Electrical, Sound & Vision, Furniture, House & Home, DIY & Car, Garden, Sports & Leisure, Baby & Toddler, Toys & Games and more. Groceries can also be purchased from the main Tesco website, as can wine, where Tesco always provide a wide selection of affordable, high-quality wines from around the world. Tesco employs over 450,000 people in its businesses around the world and aims to deliver a consistently strong customer offer on every visit and every transaction by focusing on the Tesco Group's core purpose: to create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty. In turn, Tesco's core purpose is delivered through the Tesco values: no-one tries harder for customers and treat people how we like to be treated. Tesco also operates a popular entertainment section on the Tesco UK website, where customers can find Books, CDs, DVDs to Buy, DVD Rentals, Games, Music Downloads. The Tesco Jersey website, which provides consumers with the opportunity to purchase entertainment products more cheaply (by virtue of the Tesco Jersey location), can also be reached from the main UK Tesco website. Besides grocery and home-goods, Tesco also offers a variety of other useful services, some of which we list below: Tesco Telecoms: Tesco.net, Internet - Broadband, Internet - Dial Up, Home Phone, Internet Phone, Mobiles - Contract, Mobiles - Pay As You Go, Tesco Mobile - Pay As You Go, Tesco Mobile Top Up, Ringtones & Games. More Online Tesco Stores: Tesco Flowers, Diets, Tesco Travel, Photo Centre, Gas & Electricity, Opticians, Legal Store, NutriCentre, Deal of the Day, Tesco Property, Clothing at Tesco. Tesco Finance & Insurance: Savings, Loans, Mortgages, Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Pet Insurance, Car Breakdown, Tesco Clubcard Credit Card, Bonus Credit Card, Business Credit Card, Travel, Travel insurance, Travel Money, Euro Care Breakdown Cover.

Tesco Customer Services: Tesco Customer Services, Griffin House, 40 Lever Street, Manchester, M60 6ES.

Tesco Direct Official Website: ›› Tesco Online Catalogue

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Tesco Direct, Official UK Website: ›› Tesco Online Shopping

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