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I was born to work with computers! At the age of five, I became the lead programmer of my robotics team and have held that position on my robotics team for the last 8 years. At age 11, I was admitted as a full-time student to Portland Community College (PCC), where I enjoy taking computer science and math courses. I have learned several computer languages, including HTML, PHP, C, C++, and Java.

For the last three years, I’ve been working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to be used in robots that help transport items in the Veterans Affairs hospitals. The goal of my project is to build software that not only determines an efficient route, but also ensures that the robot accurately arrives at its intended destination, something that’s hard to do in a real world environment. Through this project, my passion emerged for researching and creating AI software. As a result of my experience, I want to specialize in AI software development. 

Currently, I am a 4.0 full-time student co-admitted to Portland Community College and Portland State University for highschool and college credit, majoring in computer science and mathematics. I’ll graduate from highschool this June, during my junior year of college. After my college graduation, I intend to complete a Ph.D program with an emphasis on AI. I know I was born to work with computers, and I have been inspired to take my interests to the next level.


About Me
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