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Welcome to the temporary home of the International Guai-Support Group web site.

Established in October 1997 as a non-profit enterprise the original, international Guai-Support Network offers access to 'self-help' health education and support. Discussion revolves around all renditions of the guaifenesin treatment for FMS, CFS, CFIDS, ME, IBS, EDS, IC, MCS, NMH, RLS, VV, MVP, MPS under the GUAI topic.  Many other health issues such as HG, IR, reflux, Thyroid, Toxicity & reference to other theories & treatments for FMS/Cfids are welcome without a topic keyword.  Members have access to extensive archives.

These pages have been composed from information available to us while our proper site is down, and are not complete. When the original web site is running once again, you will find it at http://guai-support.com/

"Sal-Free(TM)" means an ingredient or product does not contain any salicylates.  It is a reserved term.   * A trademark of Guai-Support.