Thursdays' Open Tertulia in English

                                                                                                                                                                       Last Update: July 21 2017


Next meetings: July 27 and September 14

Every Thursday from 19:30 to 21:00, at Triskel Tavern
(c/ San Vicente Ferrer 3, Metro Tribunal) 

 Welcome to the Tertulia in English, just drop by and have a good time in English. No prerequisite to attend the tertulia (informal discussion group) and no need to advise in advance, just come and join us. Of course is free of charge and as in most of Pubs is up to you to order something there, even seems proper to do it.

         The tertulia is somehow self-organized; We just sit around a table and try to have a single conversation in English for the whole group. English levels range from low intermediate to medium-high  and native English speakers are especially welcome.

          The tertulia is open to discuss any topic proposed by the attendants. As default topic, it sometimes ends up taking advantage of last topics discussed at Philomadrid Pub Philosophy meetings  that some of us attend regularly, but don't even think about being afraid for the philosophic issues. No one of us has a degree in philosophy or similar, so you can imagine...

          Most of the times tertulia takes place in the table placed next to the window on the left of Triskel's door in San Vicente Ferrer.

          If  there weren't possible to meet at Triskel on a given day, we will move that day to Free Way Pub just across the street from Triskel.

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Location map: 


Triskel Tavern at c/San Vicente Ferrer 3. Metro Tribunal.

next to Metro Tribunal; Bus 40, 149;

near to Metro Bilbao, Alonso Martínez; Bus 3, 37, 21, 147.

Philomadrid topics (last one first):


Does the end justify the means?

(Not chosen:  Second opportunities; Do atheist go to heaven? Reincarnation or life after death? Do manners open or close doors? Let things come to you; Gentrification; Silence; conversation; The transcendence of suffering; Neither forgive not forget; What determines the value of a person? Are we in charge of our life? Do we have a sixth sense? Fight, flight or surrender? What’s reality?)


Are bad people responsible of their actions?

Should politicians be held responsible for what they say?

Living in the present

What makes a person strong?


Our beloved friend Trudy created this tertulia in 1994, She led it and was its soul. Also a photography lover. In her memory:

(Pº Prado/ Jardin botanico, Trudy)

With my gratitude to Matilde that kindly offered me the picture.



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