Jean-Paul's Tunes


Danger - Vocals
Do It Yourself - Vocals
Monkey Joe Version 1

Blown Speaker
Johnny Blingo


Original Broke Down Diesel Blues

Russian Roulette



JP and Broomist 
 Here I am at the Arcola Illinois Broom festival of
2017.  To my left is the fellow that made the broom
I am holding, and now own.  Nothing like a hand-made
broom constructed by a true craftsman.
JP and Therapist
Here I am at the Kirby Medical Center in 
Monticello Illinois with my 
Physical therapist Tara 
who diligently
 goads me 
into keeping 
in shape.
Things to Hear band
Here I am with band members from the Leisure 



Sangamon Source



(c)2011 Jean-Paul Tertocha