Jean-Paul's Tunes


Danger - Vocals
Do It Yourself - Vocals
Monkey Joe Version 1

Blown Speaker


Original Broke Down Diesel Blues

Russian Roulette



JP and Broomist 
 Here I am at the Arcola Illinois Broom festival of
2017.  To my left is the fellow that made the broom
I am holding, and now own.  Nothing like a hand-made
broom constructed by a true craftsman.
JP and Therapist
Here I am at the Kirby Medical Center in 
Monticello Illinois with my 
Physical therapist Tara 
who diligently
 goads me 
into keeping 
in shape.
Things to Hear band
Here are Catfish Evans, Dawna Nelson,
 Jean-Paul, Michael Robbins, 
Susan Billman, and Linda Grammer,
band members from the Leisure 


Fall in CI

Video for Cats



(c)2011 Jean-Paul Tertocha