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JP and Broomist

Here I am at the Arcola Illinois Broom festival of

2017. To my left is the fellow that made the broom

I am holding, and now own. Nothing like a hand-made

broom constructed by a true craftsman.

Things to Hear band

Here are Catfish Evans, Dawna Nelson,

Jean-Paul, Michael Robbins,

Susan Billman, and Linda Grammer,

band members from the Leisure

with Dignity album.

Jean-Paul at his country home.

I am now a Country Boy, having moved to a country estate to spend my retirement

from everything. Just gonna set back and spend the rest of my life pursuing Tranquility

& Serenity. You all may now address me as Squire. :)


Catfish Evans, who produced two of my music albums dragged me out of retirement(thank goodness), to make a music video of his song; "One Paycheck Away from the Street". Having a chance of being in the limelight again, I cast myself as the one-more-check fellow.

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