Warming in Central Illinois USA

posted Dec 16, 2015, 7:35 AM by Jean-Paul Tertocha   [ updated Dec 16, 2015, 7:51 AM ]
The Warming of North America
   This is an essay I am writing in first person with the subject being the warming trend occurring in Central North America since about 2010.  I am not a traditionally trained scientist.  I consider myself a primitive scientist, meaning I am skilled in knowledge that I gained without formal education.  To make you feel better, I did graduate High School,  and took some college for a couple of years.  I will start with what I consider not being a cause of the warming trend in North America.
   Global warming is a myth perpetrated by immoral and ethically bankrupt people whose goal is to capitalize on the masses fear of the unreal. Since November 2000 the lower atmosphere temperature trend has actually been negative at a minus 0.12ºC per century trend.  So the Earth is actually cooling.
   Periodically the Earth's tilt changes in reference to its axis. The tilt is a major part of the way climate and seasons work on Earth, which is currently at 23.439°. The Earth’s orbit around the Sun is nearly a circle, with only a 3° ellipse. Not a major contributor to Earth's seasons or climate. If the tilt did change, EVERY astronomer on Earth that uses a tracking telescope would notice immediately a miss- track.  The fault either caused by mechanical/operator error, or the Earth changing its tilt. This would create a huge stir amongst scientist as a whole worldwide. So tilt change of the Earth's axis is not a major contender in regards to the warming up of North America.
  Volcanoes release a great deal of heat. They are simply pressure relief valves that keep the Earth from exploding. However, the heat they release is dissipated quickly and usually affects the direct region they are located in.  So volcanoes are probably not contributing to the warming of Central North America.
   The Earth is a prodigiously dynamic mechanism with a lot of cycles involved.  One progression is the flip of the polarization of the magnetic North and South Poles. Presently, the magnetic North Pole is heading towards Siberia at the rate of ten miles per year.  A very fast rate of change geologically speaking.  This is causing a drop in the magnetic fields surrounding the Earth that shields the planet from the harmful rays of the Sun.  The drop under America, formerly thought to be a 5% reduction per 100 years, has now been discovered to be a 5% per decade decline. Over the past five years I have noticed that weather patterns stall out over Illinois on a regular basis.  The result of this occurrence is a battle between the Cold Northern air and the Warm Southern air.  For possibly the above mentioned reason, the warm air is winning the battle over the State of Illinois.  
   Unfortunately things are not that simple in such a huge dynamic system, so there is a caveat to all of the above. The magnetic field switch could just be the catalyst of the warming trend mentioned here.  The fact is, all of the above may contribute to the warming trend, just a couple may be the cause, or none of the above may apply at all.  In my opinion though, the magnetic pole shift, is the major cause of the unusually warm meteorological conditions in Central Illinois.
   ~~Jean-Paul Tertocha