Trump in Springfield

posted Nov 16, 2015, 7:46 AM by Jean-Paul Tertocha
    Trump  in Springfield IL report by:  Jean-Paul Tertocha
  This is an eyewitness account of the Trump Rally in Springfield Illinois of 11/9/2015.
   It was a packed house.  Trump expected 70% of ticket holders to show up.  He got 100%.  The doors were open so even more people showed up and to view the rally over the ticket numbers.  Audience size was over 10,000 people.  Folks came from across state lines to view him.  Some traveled 100 mile or more to attend this event.
  The audience was a mix of all ages, all walks of life, predominated by Light Skinned Caucasians. The astounding part being most of the audience was under 40 years of age, many being in their 20's.  A great deal was family members with their children, whose ages ranged from about 8 to early 20's. 
  The entire audience agreed with everything Trump stated at the rally. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind, which takes an honest and realistic look at the Trump campaign; he is very popular among the silent majority.  And it looks as though the silent majority is becoming vocal. 
  There were protesters.  They were laughed off by most of the people attending.  The demonstrators numbered about 20, and were a ragtag bunch of uncoordinated teenagers.  Outside the rally, their protest was that Trump is a racist.  Inside, about 20 minutes into Trump’s speech, about six of the demonstrators attempted to disrupt the speech by chanting “Trump”.  They may have been shouting; “Dump Trump”.  They were quickly removed from the floor by private security.  While being escorted out of the building, Trump lambasted them and got some laughs.
  The event was very well organized, and started on time.  
  The news broadcast by WICS of 10 p.m. that night, the local TV station, was shockingly accurate and to the point. Trump’s rally was portrayed in a positive manner. The detractors’ actions were completely ignored by the news team. The people interviewed were pro-Trump and actually made valid points that coincided with Trump’s speech.