Report on Trump Rally in Illinois of 3/13/2016

posted Mar 14, 2016, 6:51 AM by Jean-Paul Tertocha
  I attended the Trump rally near Bloomington-Normal Illinois on the morning of 3/13/2016.  As usual, he packed the event with people that WANT him FOR PRESIDENT.  People of the world make no mistake about this;  Trump is enormously popular amongst the American people.   A lot of individuals drove 130 or so miles from Chicago to see him, because they could not attend a rally in their own city.  Chicago is the hotbed of Alinsky radicalism, and that was used to chase Trump away from Chicago. Trump is bringing TRUE hope to the lives of the MAJORITY of Americans, and they FEEL it!  They WANT IT!
  The so-called demonstrators, that supposedly appose Trump, were there.  In my opinion, these people that showed up for this action were PAID OR COERCED agitators.  They were not protesters, they were agitators.  Here is what I saw.  A uniformly dressed group of about 100, light skinned Caucasians.   No other ethnic nor racial group was a part of the agitators camp.  Not a one!  The whites that were a part of the group were a malodorous assembly of filthy people that looked as though they slept in the cloths they attended the rally in.  They were extremely rude with no accountability nor responsibility amongst the lot of them.  They just chanted Dump Trump(how unoriginal can one get?),  and harassed the people that came to see Trump.
  Now that opens up another problem here.  Those above mentioned agitator’s intent was to disrupt the rally so that people who wanted to see Trump were thwarted from doing so.  Now, who are these people that think they have the right to prevent myself, and other Americans the right to Free Assembly to hear a person of their chose speak?  How dare they try to prevent this in America?  They do so people, because they are TRAITORS to America and its people.  They do so because the Democratic Party in  the USA has been infiltrated by traitorous Alinsky radicals and Terrorist patrons.  The Democratic Party in the USA is filled with people whose intent is to destroy the Constitution of the country, and the country itself.
  Here is who I saw that attended the rally IN SUPPORT of Trump.  Negros, Orientals, Latinos, and of course, light skinned Caucasians.  The latter being the majority simply because of demographics, nothing more.  Trump supporters are people with brains and determination that want to make something of themselves with their own hands and will.  People who want the right to pursue Life and Liberty in the way the USA was founded.  They do not want to be told how to live their lives by a bunch of perverted elitists with the morals of a rabid dog.
  The bottom line is;  If Trump is not put into the Presidency by the Electoral college,   there will be a CIVIL WAR inside the USA.  The majority of people, including myself, are that wrathful about what is going on in the USA and want a change.  Even if we have to take things into our own hand, which the Constitution of the USA states we can!