PBS = Propaganda Broadcast Service

posted Aug 19, 2016, 8:19 AM by Jean-Paul Tertocha
PBS is banned from my house.  I will not allow family members to watch it.   The reason being that PBS is nothing more, at the time of this writing, than a propaganda outlet for liberals and left-wing scum.  
  This attitude of mine was developed as a direct consequence of PBS’ completely biased programming.  I’ll start with my big gripe about these electronic yellow sheeters.
   Several months ago, may be a year by now, I was intrigued by a PBS show about the “missing link” in human evolution.  Someone told me about it, otherwise I would not have known of it being on.  I focus my TV viewing on my huge video library, my local public library, and as of late, streaming select programs using the Internet.  Occasionally I scan channels, but rarely anymore as USA TV is nearly unpalatable.  I do not remember the name of the idiot scientist in charge, I do not remember the title of the show, and these jokers do not deserve the respect of a reference.  I am just referring to very poor science in this show of two hours.   It started out OK, with the South African scientist explaining his find of a lot of hominid bones in this South African location.  Things then got a bit stupid as ALL the researchers involved were given excessive time to explain themselves.  Who cares about these jokers except for maybe their parents and themselves?  That is not what the show is supposed to be about.  An introduction, their academic affiliations, sure that would be OK.  But these idiots went on and on as to how grateful they were to be picked for the job, what an honor, and so and so.  A bunch of self-appreciating drivel.  After that some key points were brought up by the dummy scientist that was running the expedition.  He did have some valid points.  But when he went into his research, that is when the program developed into an intellectual turd.   This guy stumbled across a lot of hominid bones in a very odd location in a very odd grouping.  They were very difficult to get to, and looked as though someone just dumped a bunch of bones over an extended period into this deep crevasse.   Then he got real stupid, making a statement that the area these bones were found in had not changed in 1 to 2 million years.   Give me a break.  Nothing stays the same for that amount of time.  We live in a dynamic Universe on a dynamic planet inside a dynamic star system.  Change is inevitable whether you like it or not.  Maybe this dummy scientist was a grumpy old man and hated change.  Anyway, he is wrong here.  And to add insult to scientific injury, this meathead refused to carbon date the material.  His conclusions at the end of the show are not valid as he did not follow scientific methodology.  He was guessing, just like most UFO and monster researchers.  That bothered me so I got online and went to a forum hosting a discussion on this program and event, and posted that nothing can be determined without carbon dating the samples and getting an accurate time-line based on a test, not a guess.  A fellow from Liverpool on the forum stated that I have a valid comment.  The answer was some dribble about local taboos on bones or some such nonsense as that.  Also stated on the forum was the comment that he(dummy scientist) was afraid of destroying too much of the bone material, as carbon dating requires the destruction of the sample.  Huh, I thought.  That may be a valid comment, but I did not know.  So I then went to a carbon dating company’s web site to find out.  I got on a live chat with someone, and explained I was in a discussion involving carbon dating.  I needed to know how much material was needed for an accurate dating of the type of specimens in question.  Sonja typed back for me to wait a bit, and she would get me the information.  Well, it takes one to ten grams of the type of specimen in question to get an accurate carbon date.  Ten grams is a bit less than ½ ounce.  There was over 100 pounds of bones in this place, deep underground.  ½ ounce of material would not cause undo damage to the site or the bones.  So I went back to the forum, posted a decent post with hyper-links to my references.  The forum was moderated.  Guess what?  These pseudo-scientists did not even post my writing.  It was completely disregarded, with no reason as to why it was not posted.  Well folks, one cannot determine the age of a bone fragment just by guessing.  Not accurately at least.  And if you base a scientific study on guesses, you are doomed to a flawed conclusion.  This is GIGO.  A computer related acronym that stand for; Garbage In Garbage Out.  Which simply means that if you use flawed data for research or computing you will get flawed results.  PBS does not stop there with the flawed programming they send out, it just keeps going on.
  Just a few weeks ago, after finishing a movie from the 1950’s, I scanned the channels.  Call it a periodic morbid fascination of the moment.  PBS just started with the propaganda program; “Reframe America”.  This piece of electronic yellow sheet journalism should really be called; “De-framing America”.  The misinformation displayed was about a “White” neighborhood encroachment of a “Traditional Black” neighborhood.  Well folks, I am what the mainstream calls a “White Guy”, and that topic OFFENDED me first of all.  And secondly, the civil rights movement is over and has been successful.  Look what got into the American White House the last 8 years.   It sure isn’t Daddy Warbucks.   And he BLEW IT.  Blacks, Minorities, and the Democratic political party had a superb opportunity by putting a minority type person in the top job.  And instead of doing what is right for his country and the people in it, this Alinsky radical serves foreign interest BEFORE his own country.  And yet PBS has the GALL to cry around about Whitey screwing with the poe ole Negro.  I have seen a “Traditional Black” neighborhood in Decatur Illinois.  The Negro males have their pants hanging past their butt in public.  The Negro females dress like prostitutes.  That is Tradition?  That is culture?  I think not!
   And last, but surly not least, I made the mistake of allowing the BBS news on the TV whilst getting another DVD.  Yah, I know.  What am I, some kind of idiot?  Occasionally, yes.  Anyway, some moron in Britain stating he was a lifelong Republican but is now a Democrat because what is going on in the USA presidential race.  So PBS decides to air a statement that a pig from England prefers a mentally ill, bigoted, traitorous, power-mad left-wing scum candidate over a sane business man with a proven track record.
  PBS has got to go.  I personally am tired of paying taxes into a Federal system run by people who refuse to accept my opinion.  And to add insult to injury, they use MY tax dollars to promote THEIR philosophy.  Better check history you dumb liberals.  You are trying to do what has consistently failed throughout human history in a country whose population refuses to be restrained!