Oil Prices

posted Feb 15, 2016, 9:10 AM by Jean-Paul Tertocha   [ updated Feb 26, 2016, 8:30 AM ]
 Well folks, the oil companies are now terribly frighted.  BP issued a statement on 2.15.2016 that basically states doom and gloom for the world in regards to dropping oil prices.  DON'T BELIEVE A WORK OF IT!  Since 1963, the oil companies have put a strangle hold on the most important commodity in the world, crude oil.  They have purposely created "shortages", and artificially raised it's price to an unrealistic price of  US$145 a barrel .  This translated to about US$4.00 per gallon of fuel.  This price CRIPPLED the world economy for the sake of ONE industry.  
  There is also a growing consensus that CRUDE OIL IS RENEWABLE.  So, the oil industry has lied to the general public of the world since 1963.  Check out Jupiter's moon Titan.  Titan, has “hundreds” times more liquid hydrocarbons than all the liquid  fuel deposits on Earth.   Ever see a dinosaur on Titan?
  The fact is, dropping oil prices will benefit EVERYONE not involved directly in the oil business.  Dropping oil prices will BOOST the world economy by allowing people to spend money on things other than oil, and still buy oil products.
  The fact is, the cat is out of the bag here.  The lying oil industry has been caught in it's global limited oil hoax.  Oil is renewable.  There is NO honest shortage and there never has been nor ever will.  Now small oil companies can now compete in a market that the Big Boys of oil manipulated for all these years, which crowded out the smaller companies.  Low oil prices are a BOON to consumers and small companies and note the death knell of the oil cartels' manipulation of the world's oil.