Furnace Tip: Don't use pleated filters!

posted May 14, 2016, 6:36 AM by Jean-Paul Tertocha
  I have noticed that in this age of information there is a lot of disinformation.   I will use this post venue to alleviate some of the false data.
   Indoor pollution is a problem in societies like in America.  So to take advantage of this, unscrupulous companies have marketed pleated, solid filters to capture this market.  The claim is these type of filters do a very good job.  Well they do. And they are very expensive. But they also damage furnaces and air systems made, that use computers to regulate themselves. 
   The modern furnaces have computer systems that monitor just about every aspect of a furnace running.  What a pleated furnace does is restrict the air-flow to such a degree that either the furnace detects a reduced air-flow and shuts down, or the reduced air-low overheats the unit and it shuts down.
  The best filters to use, for Man and Machine, is the fiberglass filters.  And get this!  Spray the new filter before putting it in the furnace with hair spray.  This is the same chemical used in expensive furnace filter sprays that are designed to capture even more dust and particle floating in your home's air.  It even captures pollen.  ~~Jean-Paul