Phoneme As In Initial Normal Ending
ee she  
ae back  
 ih fish  
 eh desk   
 schwa but  
 ah stop   
oa toes   
oo look  
 uu juice  
ei eight  
 ou out   
Phoneme As In Initial Normal Ending
 k can
 g girl
p point
ch  chin
 j join 
f fuss
v vice 
t time 
d dim
s sum 
z zoo
th thin  
dh this  
sh she   
zh azure  
l love
r ran   
wh when  
w win  
h hill   
y you  
m me
n new  
ng among  
 .  period    
 :  colon  
 ?  question mark  
!  exclaim    
 (  left paren  
 )  right paren  
  • All glyphs are written along the line using lined writing paper. Tersive may be used on unlined paper but it is not recommended.
  • Some consonants can have a truncated shape at the beginning or end of a word. See the Initial and Ending columns for those glyphs which fall into this category.