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It has been my pleasure to create portraits, headshots and publicity photographs for models, actors, performers (and even politicians) 
since 1964.
Take advantage of my years of
experience by booking an appointment today.
Starting Headshot Fees:
$95 per Look:
My Studio
$150 per Look:
On Location
1. a makeup artist is not included
2. a minimum of 3 Looks are required

Publicity Photographs:
$250 and up for involved setups &
productions such as the one of Steve Griffin on the right side of this page as a U.S. Navy Seal. We
converted his hot
tub into a swamp. It must have worked because he got the lead in a film as the action hero!


Additional Services

8x10 or Comp/Zed Cards - Editing:
$60 base fee to start plus
$25 for each photo used. So, for example, to create a composite like Steve Griffin's here would be:
$60 + (4 x $25) 
= $160

A publicity photo layout like the one for "Atlanta Homicide" would be:
$60 + (1 x $25) = $85

Please Note: these headshot photographs will be licensed for your promotional purposes and are not for commercial uses such as book jackets, CD/album covers, advertising, etc. Such licenses are available and reasonable, just ask.

With each use, publication or reproduction my Photo Credit must be included. For example:
© 2015 Terry Thomas Photos 

Please note: no projects will be booked without a deposit. 


Professional Actors Studio

Steven Griffin - actor "Navy Seal - Night"

Composite for Steven Griffin

Kal Cauthen as Detective Bryce - Atlanta Homicide


Patrick Parker - actor

Robert Paul Smith - actor


April Brooks - actress

Nancy Bryant - singer

Chevyboy - entertainer

Marek Kedzierski - theater director (Poland)

Jerome Davis - actor / musician


Steven Ellison - actor

Sheri Brooks- R&B singer (publicity photo session)

Sheri Brooks - final Comp Card