Welcome !

 Terry R. Morley, PhD
Lecturer in Geography and
1BA Program coordinator
National University of Ireland at Galway

Assistant Professor of Biology and Ecology
Marymount Manhattan College


B.A. Biology, SUNY Oswego
Ph.D. Ecology and Environmental Science, University of Maine, Orono

Research Interests:

Wetland and stream ecology and conservation, amphibian conservation, headwater ecology, influences of small ecosystems on landscape function and processes.

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Courses (modules) taught at NUIG

  • TI 258 - Sustainability and the Environment
  • TI 704 - Environment and Risk
  • TI 354 - Research Seminar in Sustainable Environments
  • TI 235 - Biogeography

Previous courses taught at Marymount Manhattan College:

  • BIOL 222 - General Biology II and Laboratory sections
  • ENV 115 - Environmental Science
  • BIOL 330 - Conservation Biology
  • BIOL 392 - Ecology
  • ENV 333 - Applied Environmental Science

My past professional experience:

  • Ecological Risk Assessment, Region 2 Superfund Sites
  • Species Management Plans
  • Wetland Delineation and Mapping
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys, Relocation, and Impact Analysis
  • NEPA Resource Permitting and Management