Software Support Specialist at Asolva

My name is Terry.  I am an international known Technical Support Specialist from Los Angeles California.  I have an extensive career that spans more than 20 years in the Technical Support field, during my professional career, I have been involved in crucial areas of operations with emphasis on technical sales and product support for major accounts. 

I've been instrumental in fostering and maintaining technical relationships with technology companies such as WebEx, Cisco Systems, Citrix Systems, Sun Microsystems, Dell, Microsoft, Google, American Express and many more.  I have traveled the world teaching the fine art of technical support, my mission has taken me to India, Singapore, Malaysia, London and Australia. 

As a technical support specialist, I am well versed in computer systems, electronic systems, and software applications. My daily objective is to educate people, answer questions, and troubleshoot technical problems related to technology based products and services.  I speak plain English, not techno jargon.  My gift is helping everyday people understand and resolve complex technical problems.  

Yes, I pack a lot of patience, because good listening and communication skills are essential in technical support.  My professional goal is simple, I want to bring people and technology together to help further the success of the companies, organizations and individuals I am affiliated with.  

Visit my website for more information: TerryJackson.Org