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DAE 39K no textures, has 3 objects when seen in Unity

May 7,

What: we make stairs with multitextures and import them into Unity

Formz is a solid modeler like Solidworks, or freecad, it seems to be used for architectural work from the demos.



Note- there are 3 kinds of form z, I got the Free version, be careful you get the formz_free manual because there's another one for the paid versions, don't know the differences.

'form•Z free is a great way to start exploring the power of design with 3D solid modeling. This version has no restrictions for professional, academic, or home use. With form•Z free you can quickly create your own 3D solid models that can even be 3D printed. The models can also be presented using sun studies, real time rendering effects, sectioning and dimensions.

form•Z free features a subset of the tools found in form•Z pro and form•Z jr with the same easy to use dynamic interface. form•Z free uses the facetted portion of the solid modeling engine found in form•Z pro. The solids data format maintains an accurate representation of 3D models which is ideal for 3D printing.

form•Z free includes a self guided tutorial, on-line manual and a series of youtube videos all help you get started using 3D modeling.'

Warning: if you don't install to C:\ some files will get installed to C;\ program files anyway, I copied them into my
F;\grafprog\modeling directory, everything except 'form_z' which is the free version was in C:\

Then it will find the materials library

Watch the formz youtube video 'stairs'

Formz stairs


What you do is make a path, I made an "L" in the "Draw" area , later I asked for 'landings'

texture mapping video

Formz texture mapping video


This is how to move your UV's around, only the center ball moves the face you're on.

You can select a new texture by clicking on an individual face and r-clicking 'attributes, or ctrl-click
and drag onto the face

In unity,
the subobject 'stairs' has a different texture

Note the stairs on import had to be scaled .02, generate uv's. You can make a ramp-type collider with Probuilder free, I strip off
the probuilder scripts though and turn off the collider's mesh renderer. Or make one in Formz.

How to make a new material or assign a texture to an existing material,

 #1.- none of the formz library textures I looked at are square powers of 2

So I copied  my textures into form z textures/brick directory, then I could replace the colored materials, and make a new library also, I called it 'terry_library' for some reason.


The triangulation might cause rendering glitches, formz isn't really made for game engines, just rendering

I exported to DAE (free only has DAE, STL, and one other, I think. Don't check 'make faces point outwards' because it
makes them do the opposite.

Update May 9, 2016, I noticed that each texture makes a separate object, with a parent object,  tried to ctrl-J join them in Blender and it
didn't texture properly, not sure if that would be good or bad in Unity.

Copyright 2016 by Terry Morgan