Terry McIntosh U.S. Army Records

Co. D, 17th Infantry Airborne (LRRP)


Terry completed Airborne Jump School in 1967 at age 17 and was assigned to the elite 17th Airborne light  infantry force which was capable of conducting Direct Action Operations. McIntosh underwent several months of extensive covert and aerial assault warfare training.

He was trained in light weapons, radio communications, and  
special  operations missions performing raids and ambushes.

European Service
was during the Cold War

       Sp/4 Terry McIntosh 1968

From Terry McIntosh
A salute to the brave men I served with who were wounded
and/or  killed in action in Vietnam

Capt. Louis Geneso
Lt. Col. Martin R. Beck
SFC Margarito Fernandez, Jr.
Diwi Diem, CIDG CO
Kim, CIDG Translator
Lam, CIDG Infantryman
Papa San, Civilian Assist
4 CIDG Soldiers
Names Unknown

A Message to
Dick Reardon
Hal Castle
Michael Schafernocker
"We were ready to extract you. 
We wanted to come for you.
God’s peace be upon you

Wounded In Action
Lt. Col. Wesly Herrlein
SSG Frank Midlil
Sami, Translator
Chien, Infantryman,
An Dung, Infantryman
Trung, Infantryman

5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)


Det. A-414
 Mekong Delta, South  Vietnam

Due to heavy US casualties, Terry was assigned to the 
Green Berets 
in 1968 Vietnam. He served 6 months on A-Team 414 in the Mekong Delta 1969.

The Groups' motto
"De Oppresso Liber"
(To Liberate the Oppressed.)

He  commanded or participated in 22 combat missions to include Search & Destroy, Ambush, Airboat, and Air Assault Missions. He served along with Col. Robert Rheault's
espionage team at the time of the execution of a double agent (Who killed Thai Khac Chuyen)
.  He ran missions with the double agent before his execution.

The incident
sparked Daniel Ellsberg's compilation and eventual release of the
Pentagon Papers. 

See also  
 "Project Gamma."
An official Army history of the Green Berets published after the Vietnam War does not mention Project GAMMA or Detachment B57. Although the Pentagon has declassified much material about Green Beret cross border operations inside Laos and Cambodia, nothing on Project Gamma has been made available.

Campaigns: Counter Offensive Tet 69,
Counter Offensives 4,5, 6, Summer and Fall Campaign 69.

 Combat Infantryman Badge
Awarded to an infantryman or Special Forces soldier for being personally present, and under hostile fire, whilst  serving in assigned, primary infantry or special forces duty in a unit actively engaging the enemy in ground combat.

US Paratrooper Jump Wings:
Awarded  to soldiers who receive the proper parachute training and accomplish the required number of jumps.

Vietnam Paratrooper Wings:
Awarded for Excellence in Aerial Assault Readiness and completing the required number of jumps.

German Army Parachutist Badge:
Awarded for completion of required jumps. * Undocumented

Army Commendation Medal
Awarded for heroism, meritorious achievement or meritorious service.

Expert Badge (Rifle):
The highest degree of marksmanship upon completion of a weapons qualification course. Sharpshooter and  Marksman follow in order of accomplishment.

Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry
Awarded for deeds of valor or  heroic conduct while fighting an enemy force.

VSM w/4 Bronze Service Stars:
Awarded for participation in combat or service with a unit directly supporting a military operation or participating in  combat in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, or Vietnam.

Civil Actions Honor MedalAwarded for participation in local police actions to suppress civil unrest in certain areas of South Vietnam.

RVCM w/device 60, Two Overseas Service Bars, AGCM, MUC, &  NDSM.

5th Group Unit Awards include:
The Presidential Unit Citation

Presidential Unit Citation;
Un-Named; 5th SF

Despite being one of the smallest units engaged in the Vietnam conflict, the Group colors fly twenty campaign streamers, and its soldiers are among the most highly decorated in the history of our nation.

Co A, 75th Rangers (Airborne)


Assistant Patrol Leader,
Fort Benning, GA
Ft. Hood, Texas

The 75th Ranger Unit was designated  to spearhead Project  MASSTER, an
operational training campaign that would have required Terry to extend his time in service, and he opted not to extend time in service. He was reassigned on 11March71 to

Co D, 16th Engineer Battalion,
1st Armored Division,
Ft. Hood,

Discharged 21May71 to USAR
Honorable Discharge 1Apr73

Sergeant Terry McIntosh
post Vietnam 1969

Arms Qualifications
Rifle (Expert)
Pistol "Quick Kill" Sharpshooter
81mm Mortar Sharpshooter
Bayonet Marksman
Grenade Marksman

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Terry Lynn McIntosh
DOB 01.16.1950
RA 12 923 926

HOR: Paducah, KY

Amervets Document

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