1101 and 1201 NE Campus Parkway

Seattle, WA 98105

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Welcome to Terry and Lander Halls.  Constructed in 1953 and 1957 Terry and Lander Halls now make up an important part of South Campus as well as the University of Washington.  With a student population of more than 1500+ Terry and Lander have become known to fun, social, academic, international, and diverse.

(Terry and Lander in 1960, 3 years after the completion of the complex)

Terry and Lander have a history that go as far back as 1917.  They have always been located next to one another.

The original Lander Hall was built in 1917 as the Aviation Dormitory for the U.S. Naval Training Camp, known as USNTC Building #39. After 1919 it served as the Men's Dormitory until it was torn down in 1928. It was designed by the Bremerton Navy Yard and was located southwest of the stadium along Montlake Boulevard.

The original Terry Hall was built as the Naval Officers Dormitory in 1917 and known as USNTC Building #40. After the war it became the Mens Dormitory. It was located southwest of the stadium next to Lander Hall (#056). Designed by the Bremerton Naval Yard, it was torn down in 1928.

(The original Lander and Terry pictue taken in 1922)

Terry Hall located on Campus Parkway was built in 1953.  While under construction it was refered to as Unit 1 out of a project that would include 2 Units.  Terry includes the (former Terry Cafe) now 1101 Cafe and Lounge.

(Terry Hall under construction(left) Completed in 1953(right))

In 1957 Unit 2 was built and named Lander Hall.

The two halls were built seperately by the same architects but have been joined since the completion of Lander Hall throught the 1101 Cafe and Lounge, located on the 1st floor, and also through a ground floor walkway.

A standard room diagram for Terry and Lander is shown to the right, Terry rooms are 10'' wider than Lander rooms.

Picture of Terry Main Lounge in October 1953.

Picture of a Terry room in 1953 today we know this place as the Fitness Center(Picture Below)located on the Ground Floor.


Today Terry Front Desk operates as the Front Desk for both Terry and Lander as well as Mercer and Stevens Court.

Views from the sky of Terry Hall today:

(Front of Terry (left) back of Terry (right))

View from the sky of Lander Hall today:


 (Front of Lander (left) back of Lander (right))