recent/forthcoming publications

  • “Truth, Meaning and the Study of Religion,” Method and Theory in the Study of Religion (forthcoming, 2017).

  • “Proudfoot, Schleiermacher, and Religious Experience,” in (ed.) Matthew Bagger, Pragmatism, Naturalism, and ReligionNew York: Columbia University Press (forthcoming, 2017).

  • "Subjectivity, Enchantment, and Truth: Frankenberry among the Puritans," American Journal of Philosophy and Theology (forthcoming, 2016).

  • "The Space in Which I Find Myself: Kant on the Origin of Spatial Form," in (ed.) Joseph Masheck, Mostly Modern: Essays on Art and Architecture (Hard Press Editions, 2015), 9-19.
  • Kant and the Meaning of Religion (I.B. Tauris / Columbia University Press, 2014).  Link to PBS audio, Academic Minute:

  • “The Objectivity of Regulative Principles in Kant’s Appendix to the Dialectic,” in (eds.) Bacin, Stefano / Ferrarin, Alfredo / La Rocca, Claudio / Ruffing, Margit,  Kant and Philosophy in a Cosmopolitan Sense: Proceedings of the Eleventh International Kant Congress, 2010 (De Gruyter, 2013), 129-40.

  • “Hanna, Kantian Non-Conceptualism, and Benacerraf’s Dilemma,” International Journal of Philosophical Studies 19/3 (July 2011): 447-65.  (reprinted in, ed., Dietmar Heidemann, Kant and Non-conceptual Content, Routledge, 2012).

  • “Religion in General, Not in Particular: A Kantian Meditation,” Journal of the American Academy of Religion, 78/4 (December 2010): 1025-47.

  • “Poincaré, Kant, and the Scope of Mathematical Intuition,” Review of Metaphysics, 76/4 (2009): 779-802.



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