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Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)

Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)

Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)

Butch is an artist who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.  Born October 24, 1944 in Hamilton, Ontario.
Butch is an expert in the field of film photography and a painter in oils and acrylics.
He also does video and digital photography.

These days, 2013, Butch is working on a series of acrylic paintings then plans to finish up a wide variety of unfinished
oil paintings before proceeding with new works.  Butch is also known as Cloud and Cloudy and most use the name David.  Butch has severe arthritis and joint damage from various accidents so he is not well, doing less video work than before but still painting.

Butch is very reclusive... not even remotely shy, but VERY reclusive.  You have to prove yourself worthy in order to get close to him and that will require a lot of time... he has little trust, nor faith in human beings.  His personal interests besides photography and painting are sub-atomic physics, relativity, the nature of shape and motion at the sub-atomic level of material reality.  Butch is very seriously interested in the study of matter, particularly shape and motion and how that applies at both the micro and macro levels of reality and relationships in both physical and electronic wave lengths and frequencies with special interest in the wave length of about one micron.

He is currently working on a paper to show a major error made by Einstein in his General and Special Theory of Relativity.  This is a new project and, it is hoped, will be completed by the end of 2013.  He is trying to keep it simple enough that anyone will be able to understand it who has a basic interest in physics and the nature of the material world.  Hopefully it will avoid mathematical solutions and anyone with half a brain will be able to understand the issues involved.  It is a fundamental fact that nothing can EVER travel in a true circle and that is the basis of the paper.  If this sounds interesting you then you should watch this video to get your mind working on understanding why it is that nothing really ever travels in a circle.  Just click on this YouTube link... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPjohZCMwmI

Butch has a homepage at ButchNews.com and a FaceBook page.  He accepts anyone willing to put up with him and expects people to agree to disagree.  Keep in mind he is a militant atheist and hasn't a moment to waste on silly superstitions and religious crap.  Butch considers ALL religions to be extraordinarily evil and a curse upon mankind.

His political beliefs are middle of the road and he votes for Green Party candidates.

Terry David Silvercloud (Butch) has been around, seen a lot, and done a lot.  He is not shy but quite reclusive.
Butch is gay, an atheist, and environmental warrior.

Say NO to open net fish farms.
Demand honest labels on food.

Demand politicians make environmental issues
a priority.  Earth is in grave danger of a major food and water collapse
in this very century.  The Sixth Mass Extinction has already begun.
Superstitious religious beliefs and ignorance of science are killing us all.

Below are a selection of fairly recent photographs.  Butch is 67 and will be 68 in October, 2012.

Terry David Silvercloud age 21 while a Sub-Lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Navy

Me at age 21 when I was a Sub Lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Navy.
At this time I was under training aboard H.M.C.S. Columbia, a destroyer.
I went from there to H.M.C.S. Cape Scott, a repair ship where I became the ship's navigator in 1966.
In 1967 I went to the U.K. to train for submarines and then to H.M.S. Opportune for training at sea.
In 1968 I went to Sonar School then became the torpedo officer aboard H.M.S. Tiptoe.

I returned to Canada in 1968 and left the forces in the summer of 1969.  I had signed on for a
short service officer plan and left at the end of 5 years rather than accept a permanent commission.
I had come to realize I was gay and I knew that it would be difficult, in those days, to have a career in
the armed forces as it was against regulations to be gay.  In fact, in those days, it was against the law
to be gay.  Anyone found out, in those days, would be dishonourably discharged.

It was this kind of thing that would make me a gay activist in the following years.  In 1971 I was
a member of the GLF (Gay Liberation Front) in Vancouver.

I really like my time in the navy and it helped me come out of my shell and learn how to take charge.
I had been in the naval reserves before joining up with the regular forces.

Terry David Silvercloud

Me at age 16 or 17 at communications school in the reserves.  I was a signalman.

Terry David Silvercloud (Butch) 17 June, 2013

Me at Broadway City Hall Canada Line Station on 17 June.  My right knee is very bad today...worse than it has ever been  I'm having difficulty walking today and my left shoulder is really hurting.  Nice summer day...went down to Broadway to do some grocery shopping.

Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)

Me on 8th June, 2013.  Did interviews with CTV and GLOBAL about my video
 from YouTube yesterday of a take down in the West End

Terry David Silvercloud on CTV

Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)

Waiting for the bus on Oak Street at Marine Drive on 4 May, 2013

Terry David Silvercloud

3 May, 2013, Friday.

Nice weather happening, spring has sprung.
Broke my brand new Nex-3 and yet unpaid for camera so did a colour test
with the old camera, the Sony Nex-5.  C'est la vie.

I'm having to come to grips with the fact I'm really not well enough to do much video any more
because I walk with a cane now and that makes it difficult.  I think I dropped the camera confusing
the mono pod with the cane while setting stuff down.

I'm trying to paint a bit but don't push myself with it.  Still working on my book.  I have the ideas worked out
so it's just a matter of putting it down... "Fixing Einstein" where I try to explain the error that Einstein made
in his ideas regarding relativity.  It's not that complicated if you are into physics.

Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)

April, 2013.

My mad scientist look.
These are KALA WASHER sun reader glasses in clear.

Terry David Silvercloud 16 April, 2013

Me, April 16, 2013


Me, April, 2013, at the Art Gallery in Vancouver

Me at City Centre, 22 March, 2013

Terry David Silvercloud, 20 March, 2013

Me on 20 March, 2013

Me, summer, 2012

I have a thing for unusual eyewear.  Here I am wearing a pair of
Ultra Goliath II black frames.  They are vintage from the 70's and early 80's
and very hard to find.  I bought the frames online and had the lenses put in here in Vancouver.

Spring, 2012

Summer, 2012

Terry David Silvercloud wearing Snow White Project Goliath Ultra II sunglasses

Summer, 2012

Wearing one of my favourite pair of shades...
Limited Edition "Snow White Project" ULTRA Goliath II
from Vintage Frames Shop.  They were very expensive
as only
50 pair were made.

Terry David Sivlercloud

At 420 in Vancouver at the Art Gallery, 20 April, 2012

I bought the big shades from a guy who was wearing them...
made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)

Spring 2011

I'm wearing my favourite SPY BIANCA frames with merlot fade lenses.
These are fantastic glasses in low light.  They are not available anymore
and from the late 1980's.

Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)

Summer 2011

These glasses are one of my very favourite ones.
SPY BIANCA in white with merlot fade lenses.
I have another pair with darker lenses and a pair of black frames.

Path of Earth Through Space by Terry David Silvercloud

My name is Terry David Silvercloud.

I am a retired photographer.

I also paint in oils and acrylics.  It's been a long learning curve

but I've got a lot of things worked out now and try to paint a bit

most days.  I also shoot video from time-to-time and post them

on my various YouTube channels.

My main channel is Butch News.

Terry, David, Silvercloud, Butch, Cloud, Cloudy is on FaceBook.

Butch accepts anyone who is willing to put up with him on his friends list.

Butch is a gay, militant atheist, environmental warrior... you've been warned.

I've been teaching myself to paint for a number of years and I'm getting pretty good at it now.  My interests lie in shape and motion at the sub-atomic level of reality.  I'm fairly certain the states of matter (solid/liquid/gas) are determined by shape at the sub-atomic level, solids having distinct vertices, liquids being spheroidal in shape, and gasses being tori while semi solids are flattened spheroids... at the atomic level of reality.

I don't believe in Big Bang and consider it to be a theory for idiots.

My theory is that matter, itself, is actually the only empty space in reality and that the structure is provided by the energy 'in between'... that matter is spinning 'space'.  Nothing ever stands still, anywhere, ever.  You are moving at hundreds of thousands of miles per hour through space as you read this.

That is to say, what we think is 'space' is the actual 'something-ness' which has the property of repelling itself and being able to 'fracture' to whatever shape it has to.  At some point next to absolute 'nothingness' a kind of dynamic equilibrium is reached and it actually spins at a velocity where, from the point of view of everything around it, is both here and there at the same time.  We think of that as a wave form of one complete wave, and at the very smallest level of reality, if something can spin at a rate of 4/3 pi c cubed (where c is the speed of light) then it will seem to have shape and be what we think of as matter.  Space is the 'something-ness' and what we think of as 'matter' are literal 'holes' in space... around which spins the universe.  Galaxies are vortex like 'hurricanes' of space.  Energy is trying to find rest and does so as matter where it finds a kind of rest in all the turmoil.  We humans find it all rather handy as our material reality.

YouTube Video

Some of my Art Work click here

I've been taking photographs since I was 7 years old.  I shot with film most of

my life so I'm old school.  The past couple of years I've had a little Sony Nex-5

which is a decent little point and shoot camera.   I bought it for video but it shoots

pretty good stills too... so I shoot a lot of self portraits of myself to satisfy my

compulsive need to take photos.  I've gotten the swing of the digital thing a bit better

now and enjoy the auto features of new cameras in my old age.   Here are a few of my

self portraits, me... Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)

Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)


Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)


Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)

Me 2011

Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)

Down by English Bay, summer 2011

Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)


Terry David Silvercloud (Butch)


Terry David Silvercloud June 2012


Terry David Silvercloud (Butch) 6 June, 2012



1998 at Wreck Beach


Down by English Bay waiting for the fireworks, 2011


Me and my dog Biscuit, summer, 1974


Me (left) with my sister Jennifer and brother Daniel (Dan)


The most important shape in all of reality is the gyrobifastigium.

Butch says so.

Stellated gyrobifastigium

And this is a paper model of a stellated gyrobifastigium

which Butch predicts is the shape of an atom of frozen helium...

if it were possible to do that.

Helium is the key element to understanding reality.

Below is a template to make your own Wormwood Star... the stellated gyrobifastigium.

make copies, cut along solid lines and fold along dotted lines to construct the

interlocking triangle shapes.

Wormwood Star Template


and this image, above, is what

butch says an atom of helium

would look like, if it could be cold enough,

right at the point of turning from a gas

into a liquid.  Butch says this is

what an atom of helium would look like

if you could actually see it right at the

point of condensation into a liquid.


Butch says that, if you could actually see one, then
this model, above, is what a neutron would look like.  They
can come in left hand and right hand spinning types and
are not really neutral in that they don't like being in a solid state
on their own, so mostly they are found within other elements.

You don't have to believe a single thing I'm telling you
but the world will start to make a lot more sense if you do.


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