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Chauncey Loveland

Chauncey Loveland [1797-1876]*see notes

a compilation by Terry C. Smith, 3rd great grandson

By Andrew Jenson, Assistant LDS Church Historian
Chauncey Loveland, whose portrait is herewith given, was born in Glasgow, Conn., October, 1795[1]. He came with his parents [Levi and Esther Hill Loveland][2] to Ohio in 1803, and married Nancy Graham in Madison, Ohio, in 1815. After his father's death Chauncey came in possession of the homestead in Madison.  He was of a very industrious disposition and never content unless profitably employed. In 1836 he moved to Lorain County, Ohio, where he lived about five years. His sons, Levi and Chester, joined the church in 1837 and moved in 1840 to Carthage, where they were soon joined by their parents. Here his [Chauncey] wife and son died. In the spring of 1846 he married Mrs. Sally Horn Crockett, and after joining the church started with other members of it for Council Bluffs, Iowa. In 1847 he came to Utah with the pioneers, leaving his family at the Bluffs. In 1848 he crossed the plains again, taking his family with him. They located at Bountiful, Utah, ten miles north of Salt Lake City. The remaining years of his life he resided on his farm and took great pride in securing fine horses. In disposition he was kind and unassuming and never aspired to positions in public life. As a pioneer and adventurer he ranked among the bravest.  His life was full of love for his fellowmen, which was manifested by his good ­deeds toward them. He died in Bountiful August 16, 1876[3] and was buried in the Bountiful cemetery.

Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia
Volume 4, page 711-712


LOVELAND, Chauncey, one of the original pioneers of Utah, was born Oct 1, 1797, at Glasgow, Connecticut, a son of Levi and Estes [Esther Hill] Loveland.  At the time of the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother, Hyrum, Chauncey lived in Carthage, Illinois.[4]  He was not then connected with the church, but well disposed to it, extending cordial hospitality to the brethren in times of need.  He was baptized at Mt. Pisgah, Iowa, in 1846 and came to Great Salt Lake Valley in 1847 as one of the pioneer company.  Later the same year he returned to Winter Quarters with Pres. Brigham Young, but came back to the “Valley” soon afterwards.   He located at Bountiful, Salt Lake Co., and was successful in establishing a good home and was the father of a family which later became prominent in official circles in the state.  He was a man of unwavering faith and integrity to the work of the Lord. He died at Bountiful Aug. 16th, 1867[3].

Our Pioneer Heritage, Vol. 4, pg.511-512


[1] LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, Vol.4, Page 111-112, gives 1 October 1797.
[2] Ibid., gives parents’ names as Levi and Estes Loveland.
[3] Abstracts of Deaths and Marriages Notices in the Deseret News Weekly of Salt Lake City, Utah (1852-1888), under date of 16 Aug 1876, "Died, Bountiful, 06 Aug 1876, Chancy LOVELAND, born Connecticut, 79 years 10 months." [calculates birth as 1797, consistent with 1860 census record, which says age 63]
[4] Commentary from a descendant: “It assumes a lot to say for sure that Chauncey Joel [or Joel Chauncey, as some records have it] and his father were living there [in Carthage] at the time of the martyrdom, but it seems like a real good guess from this material.  What do you think?  Would a nine year old frontier boy walk the four blocks to see what the town ruckus was all about?  It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to believe he may well have done so.”