Rescue and Adoption
" A tool in your hands I am, dear God, the sweetest instrument you have shaped my being into. What makes me now complete- feeling the soul of every creature against my heart. Does every creature have a soul? Surely they do; for everything God has touched will have life forever. And all creatures he has held."  - St. Francis of Assisi

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Here are the hard, sobering facts:

Every year, between six and eight million dogs and cats enter U.S. shelters; some three to four million of these animals are euthanized because there are not enough homes for them. Living creatures have become throwaway items to be cuddled when cute and abandoned when inconvenient. Such disregard for animal life pervades and erodes our culture. Every cat or dog who dies as a result of pet overpopulation—whether humanely in a shelter or by injury, disease, or neglect—is an animal who, more often than not, would have made a wonderful companion, if given the chance. Tremendous as the problem of pet overpopulation is, it can be solved if each of us takes just one small step, starting with not allowing our animals to breed.

As a nation, we claim to love cats and dogs. Millions of households have pets, and billions of dollars are spent yearly on pet supplies and food. But as a nation, we should take a hard, sobering look at a different annual statistic: the millions of dogs and cats given up to shelters or left to die on the streets. And the numbers tell only half the story.



Please consider adopting or fostering a homeless pet. I personally work with GRRAND (Golden Retriever Rescue and Adoption of Needy Dogs). They do wonderful work in the greater Louisville area, including Southern Indiana and Ohio, and of course Kentucky. Check out their site for a list of dogs that need your help.



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