"Honest Kitchen"  dog food mix stew

This stew uses a dehydrated raw dog food mix from The Honest Kitchen.

The Honest Kitchen makes several varieties of dehydrated raw foods. A couple of them, including the one that I use, are grain-free. Their ingredients are human-grade, USDA inspected foods made at a plant that processes food for people. All the ingredients are raw at the time they are dehydrated, a process which retains all the nutrients found in whole, raw foods. Each cup of the mix rehydrates to make 1 pound of food. I buy it in 10 pound bags, which run between $55 and $60, depending on where you get it. A 10 pound bag makes approximately 44 pounds of food. I add my own meat and veggies to this, so the bag lasts me about a month, which makes the cost very reasonable.


To make my stew with this mix, here is what I do:


I boil chicken (either a whole bird, legs and thighs, or whatever) until the meat is falling off the bone. Take the chicken out of the pot and allow it to cool. While the chicken is cooling, I add mixed veggies (frozen, fresh or a combination of both) and cook them until very soft. Pull all the meat, fat and cartlidge off the bones, shred or chop into bite sized pieces, and return to pot. Discard the bones. Add some of the Honest Kitchen dehydrated food to the pot and allow it to rehydrate and thicken. If too thin, add more mix. I let mine cool, keep enough food for a couple days in the fridge, and freeze the rest in gallon ziplock bags.


I dont have exact measurements on this. You can make as much or as little as you want. I make a very large stock pot full because I have 4 large dogs to feed. You'll have to experiment with it a little to get the quantity you want. If you only have one small dog, a cup of mix and a chicken leg quarter would be enough.


If you are interested in this mix, here is the link for The Honest Kitchen. They are great folks to work with and will help with advice on feeding, etc, if you email them. I can't find the food in any store around here, but I have the nice folks at Rainbow Blossom order it in for me.




Feel free to email me if you have any questions on this.