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I have been feeding natural, holistic and organic foods and treats to my dogs for some time, even before the pet food recalls began. I was not comfortable with the ingredients in most foods and treats, so I decided to make my own. I played with different recipes and tweaked them until I got the results I wanted. Solomon, our number one golden, will not eat any sort of store bought dog biscuit. He only wants my homemade treats....especially the apple, oat and cinnamon bites. Those are his favorites.


I also cook "stew" for them that I supplement with grain-free kibble to make sure they get all the nutrition they need. I use a dehydrated raw food mix with my own ingredients in the stew as well.

The grain-free foods I use and recommend are:

 My favorite foods are the Timberwolf Organics line. Some are grain-free, but even the ones that are not are VERY good! One of the best!

There is a new food on the market now called "Taste of the Wild". It is a grain-free food with several formulas featuring roasted bison, venison, smoked salmon, and other tasty sounding ingredients. From reading the ingredients on the bag, it sounds pretty good. I'm going to try a couple bags and see how my guys do on it. If anyone has an opinion on this food, feel free to email me.


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