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"But I like to eat cake in a tub,' laughed the cat. 'You should try it some time,' laughed the cat as he sat." The Cat in the Hat Comes Back by Dr.Seuss


Life's Alphabet Soup: When your children make you eat your words 

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If you are a mother--or if you know a mother--you will enjoy this light-hearted look at life from A to Z.

Life's Alphabet Soup has 26 chapters starting with Allowance and ending with Zoomph. Each chapter begins with a Dr. Seuss-like poem as an intro. It's a glimpse into the life of a sometimes "working" and "non-working" mother of six who loves Dr. Seuss and chocolate, that will cause you to empathize, sympathize or just be thankful you are not her.


Take a break, grab some chocolate, a beverage of your choice and spend some time relaxing and chuckling at what life sometimes spits out for us to clean up.


Remember--they will grow up, move out, and give us a short window of opportunity to change the locks before they come back!

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