Welcome to the 2016 - 2017 School Year!

Please follow link  Terra Environmental Research Institute College Advising Site for information on scholarships and due dates for its completion, Scheduled College visits and more:
There are many helpful events, meetings, and college visits taking place throughout the year. Please be sure to check their page regularly to keep up with all the latest college advising information to prepare you for life after TERRA

 If you have any questions, Please contact , Our Cap Advisor Mrs. Julie M. Vivian @

TERRA Environmental Research Institute

11005 SW 84 ST

Miami FL 33175

Here are some words from Ms. Vivian:

As a TERRA wolf, you're already making great decisions about your future, and I'm excited to help you look beyond the strong foundation already being built. Let's work together to find your best college fit and discover the funds to get you there! 

There are many helpful events, meetings, and college visits taking place throughout the year. Please be sure to check this page regularly to keep up with all the latest college advising information to prepare you for life after TERRA. 

Click HERE to be added to the email list for college updates, scholarship opportunities, and financial aid information. By adding your information to the email distribution list, scholarship and program opportunities can be sent to you individually based on your interests and preferences.  Who wouldn't want all of this helpful information?!

If upperclassmen are also interested in receiving quick text or email reminders, subscribe to the TERRA College Advising Remind101 service.  Seniors text @terra17 to 81010 and juniors text @terra18 to 81010. 

Click HERE to view the presentation from PTSA's College and Coffee series on October 18th, 2016. 

Click HERE to learn how you can prepare for college at each grade level.  It's never too soon to begin planning or working on scholarship opportunities. You won't earn it if you don't go for it!  Seniors can also use the application timeline to plan out their year.

Click HERE to access the senior information Powerpoint "College Knowledge" presented to senior classes over the last few weeks.

Click HERE to see all of our upcoming college events, including college visits, SAT/ACT prep meetings, and scholarship deadlines. 

Click HERE to learn about which colleges are visiting our campus and how you can sign up to meet with college representatives.

Click HERE to access the FAFSA/financial aid presentation given at TERRA by the Office of Student Financial Assistance on September 8th. 

Click HERE for the State University System's 2016 Matrix detailing every piece of information you could possibly want to know about Florida's 12 public universities.  Pay attention to test scores, deadlines, and application requirements. 

Click HERE to learn more about available scholarships and recommended search sites.

Click HERE to download a "brag sheet" for use with teacher and counselor recommendations.  PLEASE make sure to submit a brag sheet (either hard copy or confirmed email submission) within seven days of a recommendation request.  Without this information, there is no way to provide required answers that encourage a competitive application.  After seven days, we can write your recommendation, but it will be missing important information that would benefit you.  :(

Click HERE to request an SAT or ACT exam fee waiver. Requests will take approximately three school days to complete, so do not wait until the last minute: you are responsible for test payment (without use of a waiver!) if you have not submitted your request in a timely manner.  PLAN AHEAD.

Click HERE to register for the free mock ACT held at TERRA on 9/17 and sponsored by Revolution Prep, Inc.



SAT or ACT? Do you know which test is right for you?

Colleges accept both tests equally, so the choice is up to you! Here's what you need to know to compare the exams.

Why Take It

Colleges use SAT scores for admissions and merit-based scholarships.

Colleges use ACT scores for admissions and merit-based scholarships.

Test Structure
  • Math

  • Reading

  • Writing and Language


Essay (Optional)
  • Math

  • Reading

  • English

  • Science

Essay (Optional)
  • 3 hours (without essay)

  • 3 hours, 50 minutes (with essay)

  • 2 hours, 55 minutes (without essay)

  • 3 hours, 40 minutes (with essay)


5 reading passages

4 reading passages



1 science section testing your critical thinking skills (not your specific science knowledge)

  • Arithmetic

  • Algebra I & II

  • Geometry, Trigonometry and Data Analysis

  • Arithmetic

  • Algebra I & II

  • Geometry and Trigonometry


Some math questions don't allow you to use a calculator.

You can use a calculator on all math questions.


Optional. The essay will test your comprehension of a source text.

Optional. The essay will test how well you evaluate and analyze complex issues.

How It's Scored

Scored on a scale of 400–1600

Scored on a scale of 1–36