Terrapin Trailers is the direct result of one man's passion and, let's be honest, obsession with vintage trailers.  Mike Little has been a professional woodworker, artist, and all-around renaissance man for many, many…MANY years.  In 2000, Mike retired and quickly found that idle time was NOT an option.  His solution was to simply spend every waking moment remodeling his house, landscaping his property, building outbuildings and decks and gazebos, and gardening like a madman.  However, even with his extreme attention to detail and meticulous standards, he eventually reached a point of satisfaction with his home and property, and now. . . he needed a new project.  Lucky for us, there was a 1965 Aristocrat trailer buried (and rotting away) in the manzanita that covers several acres of the property.   

As I drove up the driveway to visit my father one day, I was caught off guard by the spectacle that now filled the once vacant space next to his shop.  It took me several seconds, and more than one double take, to figure out what I was looking at.  It was, quite literally "was," the old Aristocrat trailer.  Now, it was no more than a frame balancing on some blocks and jack stands, with the back wall and roof braced precariously up in the air with random old 2x4's and metal stakes.  "What the Hell are you doing?" I spewed in a lovingly condescending way that only my father would appreciate.   "I'm going to restore the trailer."  He stated in a calm, steady and confident, yet cryptic, tone that only I could decipher.  This rotten old rat infested piece of decaying history would be his new obsession.

Roughly one year later, as sure as shit, he finished his first frame up trailer restoration, but that yearlong process created a monster. . .a man obsessed with vintage trailers!   

Now, Mike looks to those who share his obsession for vintage trailers to help him with his addiction.  I mean, really, a man only needs one (ok…maybe three) vintage trailers for himself.  So, restoring trailers for others is the natural progression of this passion for reclamation.  

Check out the photo gallery and feel free to send Mike an email . . .He might just have some time to build something spectacular for you!