Paradise Lost Boxed Set of Prints


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The WAH Center announces for collectors the boxed set of Terrance Lindall's synopsized and illustrated Paradise Lost. 8 1/2 X 11 inches with 14 SIGNED full page high quality photographic print illustrations and many full color historiated initials in the text. See sample pages at bottom.

The plates are loose, not bound so they may be framed for your library.  Initial offering $2,000. If you would like them in a luxury leather binding, please inquire about costs. VERY LIMITED EDITON (number not yet specified). 

Lindall’s art for Paradise Lost appears on the 2008 cover of Complete Poetry and Essential Prose of John Milton, Random House 2008. Edited by William Kerrigan, John Rumrich and Stephen M. Fallon Format: Hardcover, 1392 pages ISBN: 978-0-679-64253-4 (0-679-64253-6) THIS EDITION IS CALLED “THE DEFINITIVE MILTON OF OUR TIME” (NOW IN ITS SECOND PRINTING)

Oxford’s major exhibit “CITIZEN MILTON” at the Bodleian Library, Oxford has one of Lindall’s paintings on their web-site for their exhibit honoring Milton’s 400th birthday, on the page Exhumations and Destinies: ‘For Books are not absolutely Dead Things’

The  DVD movie of Terrance Lindall reciting Paradise Lost is also available to schools. For information on this DVD inquire at

Sample video on Youtube:
Milton’s Paradise Lost