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Paradise Lost Altarpiece Giclee Print

Available November 2010: Full size Giclee print of panel #1 of Terrance Lindall's Paradise Lost Altarpiece

The original panel on left is 23 1/2 inches wide. The image in the Giclee print next to it has a black border with the legend (see legend under picture below).

$3,000 each. 

Panel One, The Paradise Lost Altarpiece by Terrance Lindall, 2009, oil on wood, 24 x 40 inches
©2010 Yuko Nii Foundation

The altarpiece, completed in 2009, is in the form of a large book whose cover has gilt ormolu mounts and semiprecious stones. When opened, the panels might be seen as pages from an illuminated manuscript of the Renaissance. This panel (one of two) shows the gates to the Garden of Eden, which gates look like a book being opened to the story of Adam & Eve. The second panel (not pictured) shows the gates to Hell, which looks like a book being opened to the story of Satan’s escape to Earth from his designated prison. In both panels, pages from the poem “Paradise Lost” lie revealed. Vignettes of people who have been important to Terrance Lindall’s engagement with Milton’s epic over time are in the panels. They include God, Satan, Adam & Eve, John Milton, William Blake, Yuko Nii, Peter Dizozza, Amanda Husberg, Professor Karen Karbiener, Arthur Kirmss, Orin Buck, Terrance Lindall and Dr. Robert Wickenheiser. You will also see in the panels: Heaven, Hell, The Bible, Eden, The Infernal Serpent, WAH Center’s building, the St. Croix River in Afton (Minnesota) where Lindall grew up, Nemo’s submarine Nautilus, Flannagan’s Mirror, an Apple computer, a real estate salesman, and Josephine Baker costumed for the Danse banane from the Folies Bergère production Un Vent de Folie in Paris in 1927, among others.