Details on the Production of the Elephant Folio

Limited to ten copies, 64 pp

Format: The book will be 23 X 18 inches.

Paper: Crane Museo II GS 17"x22" (250gsm) Crane Museo II GS 17"x22" double-side printable100% cotton base paper from Crane & Co.acid-free internally buffered no fluorescent whiteners added use of naturally occurring pure Artesian well waterweight: 250 gsm & 365 gsmcaliper: .015" & .021"

Binding by Weitz: Leather Bound, Hand Tooled, & Gilded, unique and each personally dedicated to the owner. The covers will be identified by different motifs, such as the "The Archangel Michael Folio" or "The Lucifer Folio," etc. 

Special Feature: Each copy will have one original conceptual drawing at the front.

Illustrations: Fourteen full page color Giclee prints with 23.75 carat gold leaf edging on archival paper. Each print signed by Terrance Lindall.

Text: Printed on archival paper from Terrance Lindall’s synopsized Paradise Lost (1983) containing many historiated initials with 23.75 carat gold leaf embellishments.

Production Time: Each copy will take 6 months to one year to produce from date of order since each page (64 pp) is hand embellished by artist and staff. 

Email: for terms or call (718) 486-6012