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TERRANCE LINDALL is a well-known international artist and scholar. In the late 1970’s he illustrated JOHN MILTON’S PARADISE LOST. The first edition of Lindall’s work for Paradise Lost was designed to encourage young readers to look into the brilliance and eloquence of Milton’s visionary poetic landscape. The size of Milton’s original work alone has made many hesitate in approaching it, especially since it carried as an entourage the weight of 300 years of difficult and sometimes overbearing scholarly examination. It is actually very beautiful poetry with a fantastic story line interesting even for the 21st century ordinary reader, like J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

 Terrance Lindall’s illustrations for John Milton's Paradise Lost are perhaps today the best-known illustrations for this epic outside of those by William Blake and Gustave Dore. Published in a small press edition in 1983, some of the plates appeared in the popular Heavy Metal Magazine around that time, reaching a larger audience. Since then, the World Wide Web gave access to Lindall's images by millions, making Lindall's work among the best-known illustrations for this “greatest work in the English language.”

 Lindall's art for Paradise Lost appears on the 2008 cover of  Complete Poetry and Essential Prose of John Milton, to be released by Random House 2008. Edited by William Kerrigan, John Rumrich  and Stephen M. Fallon Format: Hardcover, 1392 pages     ISBN: 978-0-679-64253-4 (0-679-64253-6)

 Holt Rinehart & Winston is using another Lindall Paradise Lost image in a 2009 high school textbook, which will have a first run of 370,000.

 What high-ranking teachers and scholars think of Lindall’s work:

 “I think the new cover is WONDERFUL. . . . The black/white division captures the dividing of light from dark at the beginning of Creation, which underlies the entire universe (just as it underlies the entire cover) as Milton understood it and, through his blindness, experienced it. Lindall’s image is, of course, the star. It seems to me at once unmistakably modern and yet just as unmistakably archaic: exactly the doubleness I was hoping for on our cover.”  William Kerrigan of Random House, July 2007

 Professor Karen Karbiener of New York University was one of the first to use Lindall's art as an educational tool to interest students in Paradise Lost. She says, “Radical artist and nonconformist Terrance Lindall has channeled Milton's spirit into a modern context, in a provocative series of illustrations to Paradise Lost.  His visual celebration of Milton reveals his remarkable affinity for the radical English poet, and his ability to create a fitting tribute to Milton's enduring influence in the arts.” Professor Karen Karbiener, New York University, June 2007

 The Yuko Nii Foundation c/o Williamsburg Art & Historical Center owns the artwork and the rights to Lindall’s art and will make it available for public exhibition in future years to qualified institutions worldwide.  It is the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center's (WAH Center's) intention to use Lindall's surrealistic illustrations to bring attention to the incomparable beauty of Milton's poetry.

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