This is Me...

Born in Chile as natural citizen and as a Minister of God trough the Chilean Methodist Pentecostal Church in the city of Santiago in 1986 when I was ordained at Jotabeche Santiago Church known as The Cathedral.

My beginning was as a Pastor in Miami Florida USA, where we planted a branch of the Chilean Church that still operating today under the leadership of an assigned Pastor.

From nearly nine years of learning how to run a church and experiencing all the aspects of the Commission of the Gospel. 
In Miami the Lord expose me to signs and wonders to learn His expression of power and glory. I was exposed to salvation, healing and deliverance in a unique demonstration of His power and of His call .

My wife Irene the daughter of another Methodist Pentecostal pastor from the South of Chile did support me as a pillar in the ministry. She serves God on equal basis with me and later on our daughter have join us in the service of God as we move around the world. Our theme is Missions around the world.

I preached in Jerusalem in 1990,and that was the stepping stone to go to England and then to the world trough my association with International Holiness Pentecostal Church of Oklahoma City Oklahoma. I serve in many occasions as an interpreter for people like Dr Vinson Synan a Dean of Theology at Regent University and other preachers in the USA. In 1991 from Brighton England , the Lord open up a big door for ministry. At the end of the ICCOWE Conference ( Brighton, UK)  I was send by God to over 60 Nations around the world. (1991). Today we have been over 70 Nations.

In 1992 the Lord launched us into an international arena, going for many years in a roll to Indonesia, to South Africa and to England and Australia.

What has been my ministry highlights is the fact that He has given me the opportunity to see miracles at sight. His favor has been over my life as I have been serving Him by faith during many years of service.

Perhaps to this date, I have visited over 2.000 churches and being around the globe over 10 times, preaching the good news of Jesus. Signs and wonders accompanied the believer,said the Word.

In the year 2000 I give life formally to  Terraglobe Ministries International a bona fide organization duly registered in the USA system to cover all of my activities under a non denominational roof, so we could attend the entire Body of Christ when possible. My wife Irene, our daughter Sasha and a group of 5 more people form the Board of Directors for accountability. 

In the last decade we have been serving different churches respecting their doctrine values and submitting our sharing under the guidance of the local leaders, even though we feel compelled to highlight the need to activate the gifts of the Spirit in the church, for some maybe call supernatural, but for other s just a natural act of God.

We reside in Columbus, Ohio for the meantime. Our ministry offices are located in Winchester Virginia USA.

But in the last 3 years we took the responsibility(freelance) to act as a Director or Coordinator of Hispanic Ministries for the International Pentecostal Church of Oklahoma in the Appalachian Conference with offices in Dublin Virginia. That have allowed me to plant Hispanic churches, add others already in existence and prepare Latino leaders for ministerial seats among the Conference.

God has kept my marriage blessed as we have over 42 years of marriage, two children, one married and two grand daughters.
We have active connections with the Methodist Pentecostal Church of Chile in Santiago with Bishop Roberto Lopez as we also support a church planting in the South of Chile.

Planting churches, or preparing leaders, or speaking at large revivals, speaking in small churches, or just doing counseling one to one, we feel honored by God that He has given me an assignment of glory, since I was ordained trough a very well established Institution that have a worldwide recognition for their contribution in the cause of Jesus.

Building God's people is a very important step in the Kingdom of God.

All just by His power, glory and mercy.

To Him by all the glory,