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About Math Night

Math Night is an annual evening festival at Terrace Park School, sponsored by PTA.

Math Night brings together students, parents, and teachers for an evening of entertaining yet educational enjoyment of many subjects related to mathematics.  There are hands-on activities, construction projects, art projects, games, puzzles, toys.

Estimating fish populations by sampling

Math Night provides a forum for parent contact with math curriculum experts from Edmonds School District.

Math Night hosts booths for local vendors of educational and math supplies.

Learning about very large numbers

Math Night features exhibitions by school clubs and after school classes with math-related subjects.

Math Night supports other PTA activities' fund raising, by them providing food and beverage sales at our event.

Math Night promotes "numeracy" -- the mathematical analog of "literacy" -- by involving our kids in the entertaining, interesting, useful, and beautiful aspects of mathematics.

Any questions?  Contact Steve Margo.