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Porsche 911 Turbo

I bought this car together with two friends. It's '86 model (930) and all original except wheels and steering wheel. The car has been driven only 140.000 km and has clean service history. We know the car's history since it was made. It has been owned by two Swedish persons and then was bought and imported to Finland by my friend. He then sold it to us after driving only around 500 km per year.  
The interior is blue leather in very nice shape. 

Some data about the car: 
 Model:                     Porsche 911 Turbo  
 Year          1986
 Engine              6 cylinder boxer  
 Power         221 kW (300 hv) @5500 rpm 
 Displacement         3,3l
 Fuel injection          Bosch K-Jetronic
 Torque     412 Nm  4000 r/min  
 Gearbox     4 gear manual
 Acceleration 0-100km/h approx.  5s  
 Top Speed               approx. 260 km/h  
 Wheels and tires Rear 255/40 17" ja front 225/45 17"
 Size  lenght 4291 mm x width 1775 mm x hight 1310 mm  
 Weight                 1380 kg (own weight)  
 Manufactured     21,589 pcs in years 1975-1989

More pics: