Why Roaches Love Beer

Everyone knows a couple of interesting and quirky facts about cockroaches. There are so many of them out there, from the spooky but true fact that they can survive a nuclear holocaust right through to them being one of the oldest species of insects on the planet.
You might know these and many other crazy cockroach facts, but did you know that they love beer? That is right, beer. Cockroaches, American cockroaches, not German ones, love beer. Just like Australians.

The exact reason they love beer is unknown, though it is speculated that it is a combination of the alcohol itself and the mixture of hops and sugar that attracts them. Whatever it is, they love it. While this is an interesting fact on its own, it is also a useful piece of information in the war against cockroaches, for, as Sun Tsu said, know your enemy.

One way of capturing and killing roaches is to use deep jars with beer in the bottom of them. All you do is place the jar so that a cockroach can access the opening, by having something running up to the rim or over it, and pouring a couple of centimetres of beer in the bottom. The roach will want to get the beer and will jump in the jar, where it will drown in the beer.

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