Sentricon Monitoring and Baiting

Sentricon Monitoring and Baiting provides peace of mind against the ever present danger of termite infestation. Call Cure-All Pest Control and they will take you through the process of protecting your home from the destructive ravages of termite infestation.

The first step is an inspection of the property to ensure that there are no termites. After this has been done the pest controller will install the Sentricon Monitoring and Baiting Stations flush with the earth in a strategic pattern around your home, providing ultimate coverage. The pest controller then monitors the Sentricon Stations for termite activity.

If there is any termite activity detected, then the pest controller will deliver the Recruit Termite Bait. Recruit is specially formulated to knock the entire termite colony out. It is a slow acting insecticide, meaning that the infected termites carry it back to the colony where they pass it on. Before the termites know it, the entire colony has been poisoned and your house has been protected. The other great thing about Recruit is that it is environmentally friendly and was the first termite treatment to be registered by the stringent United States’ Environmental Protection Agency.

Don’t let termites destroy your precious home, call Cure-All Pest Control and ask them about Sentricon Monitoring and Baiting.

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