How Dusting of Termites Is Beneficial

Getting rid of termites is a complex and time consuming process, which involves a number of different stages. Dusting refers to the process where an insecticide is applied to the termites with the aim of eradicating the entire colony. The dust is applied directly to the termites through either bait stations or by direct application. The dust is carried back to the colony by the infected termites, infecting the entire colony within two to four weeks.

Dusting is not intended as a standalone treatment but as one aspect of a concerted assault. Simply eradicating one colony does not guarantee that there will be no further attack from other colonies, which is why it should be used in conjunction with other treatments. Dusting occurs during the first stages of the treatment regime and is focused on removing the immediate problem.

Following the dusting your pest controller will then move onto the preventative phase, ensuring that your home is protected against further attacks. It is illegal for anyone other than a registered pest controller to attempt to eradicate termites, so for all your pest control queries you should get in contact your local pest controller. Remember that it is best to eradicate the termites as soon as possible as the longer you leave it, the worse the damage.

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