com port development tool

 COM port is not dead. It is virtual!

What is it?

Terminal is a simple serial port (COM) terminal emulation program. It can be used for communication with different devices such as modems, routers, embedded uC systems, GSM phones, GPS modules... It is very useful debugging tool for serial communication applications.


!!! If you have problems with new version you can still download older releases on the bottom of the page !!!


In macros you can use all characters from keyboard and any ASCII char if you use $xx or #xxx. Where $xx is hex and #xxx dec format of ascii code. If you want to use # or $ char in macro you should type it twice ($$=$ and ##=#).To calculate XOR checksum byte use %XORxx command. To calculate SUM (1byte sum) checksum byte use %SUMxx command. Where xx is offset of first byte for calculation.

To insert delay in macro string use %DLYxxxx, where xxxx is value 0000-9999 in ms.

You can store macro in macro file. Active macro is "saved" even if you don't save it and will be available next time when you'll start Terminal. Macro string can be up to 256 characters long.

some examples:

X1##Y2##Z3##$0D$0A - this will send 'X1#Y2#Z3#"CR""LF"'

ABC%DLY1000DEF - this will send ABC and after ~1000ms DEF

%RUN"cmd.exe" - this will run command line prompt

%URL"" - guess what?! ;)

%URL"" -

compose mail (without sending)

%M03 - this will send/run macro #3 (there are some limits when using this)

%LOGS - start logging

%LOGE - stop logging

%SCRS"script.tsc" - load and start script


Simple pascal syntax scripting is possible. You can write short scripts to do some simple tasks. More about supported command you can find if you click "Help" button.

Below in attachment section you can find few sample scripts to check and test functionality.

TCP/IP remote control

Terminal can also act like telnet server and listen on selected TCP port. You can connect to it with any telnet client program from another computer in network (or over internet from different location) and see what's going on in terminal and send commands etc.

Download & Links

Download new version of the Terminal software - version 1.93b 20141030

Click to download

Terminal is still FREE but if you find this tool useful and if you'd like to support this project and make a small is the simplest way to do it. It's secure, quick and easy. Thank you!