SpringTime Babe  


Supplies Needed:

Tube of choice. I am using the artwork of Keith Garvey. You can purchase a license to use his art HERE 

Scrap Kit  "Spring Patch"   by Scrapz A Daisy Included in My Supplies HERE

Thankyou Paula  you can find Paula's awesome Site  HERE



Open a New Image 600 x 600 White

Copy and Paste Frame3 as a New Layer

Copy and Paste Paper2 .. Resize 60% .. Move below your Frame Layer

On your Frame Layer .. Magic wand .. Select inside your Frame .. Selections .. Modify .. Expand by 4 .. Selections .. Invert

On your Paper Layer .. Delete .. Slecetions .. Select None

Add a Drop Shadow of choice to your Frame Layer

Copy and Paste your Tube .. Duplicate .. Drag one below your Frame Layer so you have your Tube above and Below your Frame

On your Top Layer Erase any bottom parts of your Tube thats showing outside your Frame

On your Tube Layer below your Frame .. Add Drop Shadow of Choice

Copy and Paste Hanging Charm 2 .. Resize to 60% .. Make sure this layer is just below your Frame Layer .. Drop Shadow

Copy and Paste Flower 1 .. Resize 40% .. Position .. Drop Shadow

Repeat with Flower 4 .. but this time Resize to 35%

Repeat again with Flower 3

Close off ALL Layers apart from the 3 Flowers .. Ensure your on a Flower Layer .. Merge Visable .. Unhide all Layers

Still on your Flower Layer .. Layers .. Duplicate .. Image Mirror

On your Paper Layer .. Copy and Paste Butterfly 3 .. Resize 80% and Position .. see my Tag for Reference

On Your Top Layer .. Copy and Paste Clipped Flower3 .. Resize 40% .. Sharpen if needed

Image .. Free Rotate .. 30 Right .. All Layers Unchecked .. Drop Shadow

Copy any access white Bacground and resize all layers if needed

Add Your Name and all Correct Cr to your Completed Tag