Purple Passion


For this tutorial you will need:

Tube of choice. I am using the artwork of Joerg Warda. You can purchase a license to use his art HERE

I am Using my very First PTU Scrap Kit , you can Purchase this Kit HERE

I have a selection of free Kits also on my Blog HERE


Open a new Image 700 x 500 White

Copy and Paste Frame 3 and resize 75% .. Sharpen if needed

Copy and Paste Paper3 and resize 60% .. move below your Frame Layer and Erase any paper showing ouside the frame

Copy and paste your tube .. Resize and Erase any tube showing outside the left side of your Frame .. Drop shadow .. position below your Frame Layer and above your Paper Layer

Choose blend mode Luminance (L) and lower the opacity to 80

Duplicate your tube layer .. Image Mirror

Add a Drop shadow to your frame Layer

Copy and Paste Flower3 ..Resize 30% .. Position and drop shadow of choice

Repeat with Flower 1 resizing to 25%

Copy and paste binderclip2 .. Resize 50% .. Position see my tag for ref .. Drop Shadow

Duplicate your binderclip2 layer .. Image .. Mirror

Copy and Paste binderclip1 .. Resize 50% .. Drop Shadow .. Position

Ensure your 3 layers are below your paper Layer

On your Top layer .. copy and paste sequin1 as a new layer .. resize 25% .. drop shadow

Repeat with the other 2 sequins .. on your layer pallete close off all layers apart from the sequins and merge the 3 sequin Layers Visable

Position on the right of your Tag .. see mine for ref .. layers .. Duplicate .. Image .. Mirror

Un hide all your Layers

Copy and paste bow1 .. resize 50% .. Position .. sharpen if needed .. drop shadow

Close off your Background layer and meger visable all other layers

un hide your background layer

Duplicate your main image layer .. on the bottom one .. Adjust .. Blur ..Gaussian Blur set at 20

Add your Tube again .. Drop Shadow

Please remember to add all correct cr to your completed Tag