Laced Mermaid 



Supplies Needed:

Tube of choice. I am using the artwork of Elias Chatzoudis. You can purchase a license to use his art HERE

Scrap Kit I used is a PTU Kit Called " Mommys Vanity " by Farrah , you can purchase this Kit  HERE

You can also find other Great Kits on Farrahs Blog HERE

Thankyou Farrah

Mask Created By Chelle HERE Included in My Supplies  HERE 

Place your Mask in your Masks Folder


Open a new Image 550 x 550

Copy n Paste Paper7 .. Resize your Paper Layer 80% .. Layers .. Load/Save Mask .. Load Mask from Disc

Layers .. Merge Group

Copy and Paste Lace .. Resize 60%

Select 2 Colours from your Tube

Preset Shapes .. Rectangle Tool .. Choose Draw Square .. Line Width 10 .. Draw out a Square .. Convert your Layer to Raster

Magic wand .. Select inside your Square .. Selections .. Modify .. Expand by 1

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer .. Selections .. Invert .. on your keyboard .. Delete

Selections .. Select None .. Blend Mode .. Luminance .. Lower the Opacity to around 80

Layers .. Merge Down

On your Square Layer .. Effects 3D Effects .. Inner Bevel with the following settings ..


Drop Shadow

Copy and Paste Wrap .. Resize 60% .. Position

Using your Selection tool Select any areas of the bow that isnt needed .. Delete .. Selections .. Select None .. Drop Shadow

Copy and Paste Charm2 .. Resize 30% .. Postion .. Drop Shadow

Copy and Paste Bow2 .. Resize 30% .. Position .. Drop Shadow

Copy and Paste Pearls2 .. Resize 60% .. Position .. Duplicate .. Position

Close off Your Background Layer and Merge all other Layers Visable

Duplicate your Layer and on the bottom one .. Adjust .. Blur .. Gaussian Blur set at 20

Effects .. Texture Effects .. Blinds

Add your Tube .. Drop Shadow

Add your Name and all Correct cr to your finished Tag