Supplies Needed

Tube of choice. I am using the Brillaint artwork of Jennifer Janesko.

You can purchase a license to use her art HERE

This Awesome Free Scrapkit is called " Distressed " from Sophisticated Scraps

You Can Find the Kit HERE

Thankyou Lisa

Mask Created By Chelle HERE Included in My Supplies  HERE 

Place your Mask in your Masks Folder


Open a New Image 600 x 550

Copy and Paste Paper5 .. Resize 80% .. Layers .. Load/Save Mask .. Load Mask From Disc .. Layers Merge Group

Copy and Paste Frame2 .. Resize 50% .. Duplicate .. Image Mirror .. Postion ..See My Tag for Positioning

Close off your BackGround Layer and merge Both frame Layers Visable

Copy and Paste Paper3 .. Resize 30% .. Postion behind your Frame Layer .. Duplicate .. Image Mirror

Making sure your On your Background Layer .. Copy and Paste Butterfly .. Resize 70% .. Position to the right .. Drop Shadow

Dulicate .. Image Mirror

On You Top Paper Layer .. Copy and Paste your Tube .. Resize to fit behind your Frame .. Drop Shadow

Duplicate .. Image Mirror

On Each Tube Layer Chaneg the Blend Mode to Luminance

Ensure your Background Layer is closed off .. Merge all Layers Visable .. Uncheck your Background Layer

Resize your Main Image Layer to 90%

Copy and Paste Teardrop2 .. Resize 50% .. Image .. Free Rotate 20 Right .. Sharpen if needed .. Drop Shadow

Duplicate .. Image Mirror

Copy and Paste Bow1 .. Resize 50% .. Position .. Drop Shadow

Duplicate .. Image Mirror

Resize all layers 95%

Add your Tube and Position

Add your name and all correct cr to your Completed Tag