I say I scribble because I do not have any sense of mission about writing. Scribbling does not have the visionary bathos and makes writing closer with work and skills — I definitely have respected these better and valued them higher than I ever would care for a sigh of an inspired sybilline mantic. By the way, I would not associate the Great Seal with that, feel welcome to read

A new people come.

Well ... I never cared for voyants or visionaries ... And I like to write. It has to be that language puts my brain in some kind of a pleasurable rhythm. 

Where authors and readers come together!

Here, I’m just sharing some of my scribbling fancy. Feel welcome to navigate yourself. Would you care to see what decent a result scribbling may bring indeed, sail away to my Open Scroll. Decency motivated also the work  on the role of feedback in language.