Teresa Wang

Poetry is art, and art is poetry.

Born in Taipei, Taiwan with training in both Asia and the United States, Teresa Wang's works represent a unique blend of two distinct cultures. More importantly, she considers her works to be a reflection of herself: a fusion of her professional education, her life experiences, and her personal growth.

Teresa received a B.A. in commercial design, taking her first position at a design company. However, she always felt limited in design. After moving to the United States and receiving a second degree in fine arts at the Pennsylvania State University, Teresa discovered her passion for imagination and story-telling.

Teresa is drawn to and inspired by modern Chinese poetry because it is reminiscent of her native culture. Most of her time is devoted to synthesis of an idea, which she both enjoys and considers to be the most crucial element of her works. In a free and organic process she creates and then recreates stories. She distills complex poems down to their simplest components; then rebuilds a narrative around one simple concept, pulling from her own salient memories, feelings, and personal vignettes. By freeing her mind she is able to cross the boundaries of culture, time, and artistic style to compose a final story that describes a universal human experience.

Teresa believes there is beauty in simplicity. In her works she aims to touch the most basic human emotions through storytelling.

In addition to painting, Teresa teaches private art lessons to local children and adults in the community. She currently resides in Clayton, Missouri.