Tera Society ( IQ 1 in a Trillion of conceived H.s.s.)

Founder R Young, New Zealand. Tera in this context was coined 2009.
Evolution is my scientific grounding and Demography my overture. H.s.s. sex can be traced back 860 million years of gamete selection and each generation the PMB anticedents are possible to determine in cruder form.

In extrapolation forward I have defined a very high IQ group called Tera Society which is one in a trillion discriminating. 
ref wikipedia "

tera (symbol: T) is a prefix in the International System of Units (SI) denoting 1012, or 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion in short scale)."

The premise for this is that H.s.s. (Homo.wise.wise) comes into being at conception.
Since one in 7-9 conceptions do not lodge in the womb wall to forfil gestation for 9 months then of the 120 billion H.s.s. who have ever lived (6.8 billion alive today is about 5% who have ever lived) there have been around 1 trillion souls that have been conceived and hence has had the genotype to be the brightest H.s.s. who have ever lived.
This is extended out again for the next 500,000 years of H.s.s. existence to get the mega tera society roll called where one in 100 trillion IQ is founded.
The one in 100 trillion H.s.s. souls who have ever been conceived and who will ever be conceived in the next 500,000 years. (Unable to form peta society at one in 10^15 as the H.s.s. population of conceptions past and future is just 0.1 of the number required)
 As you can see the PMB will be drawn in the direction that becomes interesting as fitness of the gametes is tested into the future.
Past fitness was based on might is right but with thermonuclear MAD open the gender equality has come to the forefront.

Religion has the ability to transend the PMB and this is my interest.

Science has come of age with the ToE and in this ToE driven high IQ forum the normal and natural thing to do is to formulate a ToE for the ages.
Watch the antropic principle when you post your ToE.
Many a woodby gets stubbed on this.
Also be adventerous too in producing a ToE that gets talking about in internet chat forum. The world needs creativity in this area to sought the chaff from the wheat.
Regards R Young
ps note "In computer science tera can sometimes mean 1,099,511,627,776 (240) instead of 1,000,000,000,000, especially in the term terabyte. To avoid this ambiguity, the binary prefix tebi has been introduced to signify 240." ref wikipedia

P.p.s. "About the Tera Society

The Tera Society was founded by Roddy Young in 2009. The pico Society, founded by The same person, was incorporated into the new over all platform of humans' ever conceived and those with IQ scores on the One in one trillion range as out layers on the left and right of the bell curve were acted for (IQ 200-201 SD15 and IQ 0-1 SD 15) or more or less were invited to join. (The Genotype qualifying score was subsequently raised higher than the current phenotype high Ceiling tests; official scoring of the Tera/pico tests started developing at the end of 2009, after the test was composed to address the alleles and gene loci available in the human genome for high IQ ). A number of different tests are developing with the mapping of the human genome and during the first few years of Tera's existence the membership was antidotal. Later, the Tera/pico test was expanded to one in 10 trillion and one in 100 trillion as future conceptions were projected out into the coming 500,000 years and Roddy Young's Tera Test became the sole official entrance tests, awaiting vote of the membership. Later, The Young pico Test was added. (The Tera and pico tests  have not been compromised, so scores after 2009 are currently accepted; the Tera test and and pico test cutoff is now 1 in 1.0 * 10^12—but either the 1 in 1.0 * 10^13 cutoff or the cutoff 1 in 1.0 * 10^14 tests will maintain the same premise, as they are extrapolatable to 1 in 1.0 * 10^15 and 1 in 1.0 * 10^16 )

Tera publishes an irregularly-timed journal. The society also has a (low-traffic) members-only e-mail list. Tera members, please contact the Editor to be added to the list.

For more background on Tera, please refer to Darryl Miyaguchi‘s ―A Short (and Bloody) History of the High-IQ Societies‖—(it's not yet included but follows a polemic tradition.)

Ref to a post in High IQ World face book page (17 Oct 2014)
If you want to make contact about the Tera Society the please provide your email and a comment below. (Chances are that you too may be a non-member of the Tera Society

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pps "Confirmed in 1960, it comes from the Greek τέρας, meaning monster.[1] It also bears a resemblance to the Greek prefix τετρα meaning four; the coincidence of it signifying the fourth power of 1000 served as a model for the higher-order prefixes peta, exa, zetta and yotta, all of which are deliberately distorted forms of the Latin or Greek roots for the corresponding powers (fifth to eighth respectively) of 1,000." ref Wikipedia

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Tera Society Comments ‎(about one in a trillion IQ of H.s.s. conceived)‎