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Academy of Management Review, Editorial Board 

Academy of Managem
ent Annals, Associate Editor 

California Management Review, Editorial Board

Academy of Management Perspectives, E
ditorial Board [2016-present]

` Co-edited special issues of 
Organization Science
Managerial and Decision Economics, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, etc

` Strategic Organization, Co-Editor [2013-2016]

Journal of Management, 
 Editorial Board 


Felin T & Kauffman S (2020). The search function and evolutionary novelty. Oxford University Press. Forthcoming. [html]

Felin T, Gambardella A, Stern S & Zenger T (2020). Lean startup 
and the business model: Experimentation revisited. 
Long Range Planning. [open access] 

Felin T & Zenger T (2020). Open innovation: A theory-based view. Strategic Management Review.

Felin T, Felin M, Koenderink J 
& Krueger J (2019). On surprise-hacking. Perception. [open access pdf]

Andrew Gelman's blog post has some additional debate/discussion

Felin T & Felin M (2019). Seeking rationality: $500 bills and perceptual obviousness. Handbook on Bounded Rationality.

chapters also by 
Philip Johnson-Laird, 
Nancy Nersessian, Cass Sunstein, Paul Thagard, Richard Nelson, etc - edited by Riccardo Viale

Felin T & Foss N (2019). Microfoundations for institutional theory? Research in the Sociology of Organizations. 

Chater N, Felin T, Funder D, Gigerenzer G, Koenderink J, Krueger J, Noble D, Nordli S, Oaksford M, Schwartz B, Stanovich K & Todd P (2018). Mind, rationality and cognition: An interdisciplinary debate. Psych Bulletin & Review.
[html] [pdf]

Cues, minds, and equilibria (our response to comments) [pdf]
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and the all-seeing eye. Psych
Bulletin & Review. [html] [pdf]


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Designing organizations for 
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Theory & Decision. [html]

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this paper received the 2016 Elinor Ostrom Prize [html]

Devins C, Koppl R, Kauffman S & Felin T (2015). Against design. 
Arizona State Law Journal[html]

responses to this article by:
Steven Calabresi [pdf], 
Sanford Levinson [pdf], Vernon Smith [pdf]

Felin T, Kauffman S, Koppl R & Longo G (2014). Economic opportunity and evolution: Beyond landscapes and bounded rationality. Strategic 
Entrepreneurship Journal. [html

Mark Buchanan discusses this paper in Nature Physicssee here

Abell P, Felin T & Foss N (2014). Microfoundations of Social Theory: A Response to Jepperson and Meyer. Sociologica. [html]

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interdisciplinary special issue with contributions from David Sumpter, Scott Page, Robb Willer, Claudio Castellano, Peter Leeson, Bruno Frey, Margit Osterloh and others. 

Felin T & Foss N (2012). The (proper) microfoundations of routines and capabilities: a response to Winter, Pentland, Hodgson and Knudsen. 
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Felin T & Foss N (2005). Strategic organization: a field in search of micro-foundations. Strategic Organization. [pdf]


Aug 2019: celebration of Stuart Kauffman's work, Santa Fe Institute [html] - giving a talk titled "Mind and Economy"

2019-2024 industrial strategy research project (EPSRC-funded) led by Julian Allwood and University of Cambridge Engineering [html]

Strategy: A Very Short Introduction
book under contract with 
Oxford University Press

The Fallacy of Obviousness | Aeon


Aug 2019: Academy of Management, Boston

May 2019: London50 conference - debate about the value of ecosystems with Gary Dushnitsky

March 2019: Utah Winter Strategy Conference [html] - "state of field" panel presentation with Jay Barney and Joanne Oxley

Oct 2018: open innovation conference, UC Berkeley

Jan 2019: strategy for startups and SMEs, Strategy Insight Lab project [html] - with Arnaldo Camuffo, Alfonso Gambardella, Elena Novelli, Chiara Spina

I collect Finnish Modern Art - 
here's a piece I recently bought, by Carl Wargh (1968) "Seashore I" 


teaching online Oxford Blockchain Strategy course [html]

EconTalk podcast with Russ 
Roberts (Hoover, Stanford Univ): Blindness, rationality, and
perception [html]


Sept 2018: SMS workshop 
on behavioral strategy and microfoundations

June 2018: Strategy Science 
conference at Wharton, UPenn [html] - panel with Arnaldo Camuffo, Alfonso Gambardella, Todd Zenger and Scott Stern

BBC interview related to big data, artificial intelligence and the fallacy of obviousness [html]


a few items from the past: PLOS ONE piece [html] and special issue with fantastic contributors [html]

April 2018: Big Data symposium [html]

interview with Geoff Mulgan at the Oxford Literary Festival: book Big Mind (Princeton U Press) [html]

"Creating a hive mind" - short blurb about some research, by Rob Brown [html]

speaking at Edith Penrose book launch in Oxford, 16 Nov 2017 [html]

Sept 2017 Strategy Science conference at Apple, Cupertino, CA: origins of great strategy [html]

Sept 2017 plenary with Nick Chater and Adam Oliver: behavioral science and public policy [html]

90 mile Oxford-Cambridge charity bike ride, British Heart Foundation [donate here]


come join our DPhil (PhD) program here in Oxford next year [pdf brochure]


Felin T (2015). A forum on minds and institutions. Journal of Institutional Economics. [html] 

intro to forum with papers by Cass Sunstein & Reid Hastie and Giovanni Dosi & Luigi Marengo

Felin T (2015). Valve Corporation: Strategy tipping points and thresholds. Journal of Organization Design. [html]  

commentary on article by Phanish Puranam and Dorthe Håkonsson.[html]

Stirling W & Felin T (2013). Game theory, conditional preferences and social influence. PLoS ONE. [html]


Felin T & Knudsen T (2012). A theory of nascent entrepreneurship and organization. Managerial & Decision Economics. [pdf] [html

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Social Informatics.

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Felin T & Zenger T (2011). Information aggregation, matching, and radical market-hierarchy hybrids. Strategic Organization.
[pdf] [html]

Zenger T, Felin T & Bigelow L (2011). Theories of the firm-market boundary. Academy of Management Annals. [html] [pdf]

Abell P, Felin T & Foss N (2010). Causal and constitutive relations and the squaring of coleman's diagram: reply to Vromen Erkenntnis. [html] [pdf]

Felin T & Foss N (2009). 
Social reality, the boundaries of self-fulfilling prophecy, and economics. Organization Science. [pdf] [html]

response by Ferraro, Pfeffer & Sutton. How and why theories matter: a comment on Felin and Foss [see here]; editor introduction [see here]

Felin T & Foss N (2009). Organizational routines and capabilities: Historical drift and a course-correction toward microfoundations. Scandinavian Journal of Management. [html]

King B, Felin T & Whetten D (2009). Comparative organizational analysis. Research in the Sociology of Organizations. [pdf]

review of volume by P Foreman in Administrative Science Quarterly (2010)

Felin T & Spender JC (2009). An exchange of ideas about knowledge governance: seeking first principles and microfoundations. In Knowledge Governance, edited by Foss et al. Oxford University Press.

King B, Felin T & Whetten D (2010). Finding the organization
 in organization theory: a meta-theory of the organization as social actor. Organization Science. [pdf] [html

Whetten D, Felin T & King B (2009). Theory-borrowing in organizational studies. Journal of Management. [pdf] [scribd]