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Academy of Management Annals, Associate Editor 

Strategic Organization, Co-Editor [2012-present]

Academy of Management Review,   Editorial Board [2011-present]

Academy of Management Perspectives, E
ditorial Board [2016-present]

Journal of Management, 
 Editorial Board [2013-present]

2013-2016 OXFORD TALKS

  Howard Aldrich, UNC  
  Lawrence Freedman, KCL
  Brian Uzzi, Northwestern
  Paul Adler, USC
  Brian Silverman, Toronto
  Matt Kraatz, U of Illinois
  Vibha Gaba, INSEAD
  Todd Zenger, U of Utah
  Michael Cusumano, MIT
  Robert Burgelman, Stanford
  Mauro Guillen, Wharton
  Jeff Reuer, U of Colorado
  Gary Dushnitsky, LBS
  Bill Starbuck, Oregon
  Ezra Zuckerman, MIT
  Diane Burton, Cornell
  Russ Coff, U of Wisconsin
  Kim Elsbach, UC Davis
  Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Oregon
  Mark de Rond, Cambridge
  Royston Greenwood, U of Alberta
  Nicolai Foss, CBS
  David Seidl, U of Zurich
  Erkko Autio, Imperial College
  Gianpiero Petriglieri, INSEAD
  Matthew Bothner, ESMT
  Felipe Csaszar, U of Michigan

  Andrea Prencipe, LUISS

  Arne Kalleberg, UNC 


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Sept 19, 2015: 90 mile Oxford to Cambridge bike ride, British Heart Foundation [donate here]


editing special issue: "organizing crowds and innovation" - with Karim Lakhani and Michael Tushman [html]

issue includes essays by Yochai 
Benkler, Woody Powell and Todd Zenger

come join our DPhil (PhD) program next year [pdf brochure]


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