Professor, Univ of Oxford

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Academy of Management Annals, Associate Editor 

Strategic Organization, 
Co-Editor [2012-2016]

Academy of Management Review, Editorial Board 

Academy of Management Perspectives, E
ditorial Board [2016-present]

Journal of Management, 
 Editorial Board 


born and raised in Helsinki, Finland

prior to academia I worked in venture capital in Munich, Germany and Amman, Jordan

prior to Oxford, I was on the faculty at the Marriott School, BYU and Goizueta Business School, Emory University

four daughters, our oldest daughter (Mia) is in her third year at BYU studying psychology 

I've held various service roles at Oxford, including Academic Area Head. Currently I am Academic Director of the Oxford Diploma in Strategy & Innovation

2013-2017 OXFORD TALKS

  Howard Aldrich, UNC  
  Lawrence Freedman, KCL
  Brian Uzzi, Northwestern
  Paul Adler, USC
  Julian Birkinshaw, LBS
  Brian Silverman, Toronto
  Matt Kraatz, U of Illinois
  Dan Raff, Wharton
  Willie Ocasio, Northwestern
  Vibha Gaba, INSEAD
  Todd Zenger, U of Utah
  Michael Cusumano, MIT
  Robert Burgelman, Stanford
  Mauro Guillen, Wharton
  Jeff Reuer, U of Colorado
  Gary Dushnitsky, LBS
  Bill Starbuck, Oregon
  Ezra Zuckerman, MIT
  Diane Burton, Cornell
  Russ Coff, U of Wisconsin
  Kim Elsbach, UC Davis
  Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Oregon
  Mark de Rond, Cambridge
  Royston Greenwood, U of Alberta
  Nicolai Foss, CBS
  David Seidl, U of Zurich
  Erkko Autio, Imperial College
  Gianpiero Petriglieri, INSEAD
  Matthew Bothner, ESMT
  Felipe Csaszar, U of Michigan

  Andrea Prencipe, LUISS

  Arne Kalleberg, UNC 


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Mark Buchanan discusses this paper in Nature Physicssee here

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forthcoming 2017 special issue: "organizing crowds and innovation" - co-edited with Karim Lakhani and Michael Tushman [html]

issue includes essays by Yochai Benkler, Woody Powell and Todd Zenger

Sept 19, 2015: 90 mile Oxford to Cambridge bike ride, British Heart Foundation [donate here]


come join our DPhil (PhD) program here in Oxford next year [pdf brochure]


Felin, T. (2015). A forum on minds and institutions. Journal of Institutional Economics. [html] 

Intro to forum with papers by Cass Sunstein & Reid Hastie and Giovanni Dosi & Luigi Marengo

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