Inflatable and promotional AirDancers are made of some of the highest quality materials and best manufacturing process in the industry. The Air Dancer's  body and arms fly in all directions attracting attention from kids, people, and potential customers that walk by your business.

These entertaining inflatable balloons , sometimes called air puppets or dancing balloons, make one of the best statements at your place of business.

Dancer Material. We have developed our own high quality  Rip-Stop Nylon material used for our Air Dancer body fingers, and hair, which has proven to be the longest lasting and strongest material in the industry. The fabric has a special weave and coating that makes it soft to the touch but very durable under the sun and the movement from the dancer. When looking for an Air dancer ask for the best material, the proven leader in the industry.

Lettering. The lettering on the dancer is made with sailing quality Insignia cloth; The letters are design to make the best use of the surface of the dancer and supply our customer with  the best signs and branding for their business. Our lettering and logos  are applied to the dancer with single stitch sewing method with high quality nylon thread that does not weaken the dancer like zig-zag stitching does.

All our Air Dancers use a proprietary Nylon Rip-Stop that our company developed exclusively for Airdancers. The Nylon Rip Stop fabric is made of a very strong fiber and has a special weave that prevents any puncture or rip from running up or down the body of the Dancer. The material is made with a special a UV and Silicon coat treatment that gives it a soft hand and makes the fabric more durable under the sun and prolongs the life of the dancers, allowing us to extend our warranty on our products.

Fabric- Highest quality fabric in the industry. UV and Silicone coated for best performance under the sun.

Lettering fabric- Sailing Insignia cloth, use for lettering on sail boats because of the high performance under the sun; the adhesive in the material and our single stitch sewing method gives long durability to the lettering and logos on the dancer without damaging and weakening the Rip Stop material like Zig-Zag can do.

Blower Attachment-  The skirt of the dancer is made out of durable 600D Fabric that can resist the pull of the movement of the dancer. The closure of the skirt and the attachment to the blower is done with a high density and high quality Velcro, used for the construction of high performance bags.

 Other dancers may be less expensive but they are good only for a weekend or two. Our Dancers will be promoting your business for months at the time. Let us give you a quote and  send a FREE graphic layout of your dancer for your next project.

Fly guys is cut out of Insignia Sail fabric, used on boats and sails because of it's sturdiness, durability, and high performance under the sun. This fabric has an adhesive back that is applied to the Air Dancer's Nylon Rip Stop Fabric: Once the lettering is applied they are  sewn in place with an industrial weight nylon thread that gives a longer life to the lettering on the dancer. We sew the letters and logos in place with a single stitch method that does not damage or weaken the Rip Stop material like Zig-Zag can do.


Letters for your Dancers art are only $10.00 per letter. We recommend not to have more that 22 letters on a full size Air Dancer in order for the message to be readable.  With our unique printing technique we can include your digital logo on the Air Dancer as a patch or in the entire body, starting at $75.00 per logo, call for a quote.