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we've played three shows since May. it's great playing together again (-mark). we'll be playing two Southern California shows later this month. thanks to all our friends who give us so much support. 10,000 Leagues is recording a record in September. tell everyone who will care. 

also, it seems this hasn't been logged here in the "news section" but we are now a four piece, no longer a five piece. 

10,000 played 2 shows this past weekend. thursday, sonny and i drove up to oakland and had a midnight practice with the band to prepare for not playing together in the past month. friday we played Not Your Average Fest in Santa Cruz and saturday we played NUX Fest in SLO. i felt like i played well both nights so i was very happy but were other things witnessed this weekend that really challenged some of my ideas on punk, our tolerance of violence, and overall relationships with each other, how we treat each other. there are major discussions that need to happen in punk and hardcore RIGHT NOW. there are major problems that haven't gone away in more than a decade. the same discussions are being rehashed and forgotten with every other year. there's so much to say and it will be said later. respect people, please. thanks nils, jeff, eric, matt, zumi house, and everyone who gave us some love this week. this post only represents my own thoughts, and not the entire band's. me, being marc. thanks for reading. reading some more really soon. 

6 days of practice was awesome. we have 7 new songs right now. 

sonny and i (mark) are soon going to travel north to have a week-long practice since our drummer (ramy) made a great migration north. we're planning to release a record sometime next year. it will be so chill. the next show we're playing will be at NUX FEST V! it'll be awesome. Nux4 this past February was my favorite weekend of shows all year. it'll be in February of 2013. it's the future.

R.I.P. Jeff Goldblum. you were a great van. thanks to Chris and Sydney. we couldn't have finished the tour without the two of you. we love you!! thanks to every organizer and every friend and stranger who came out to see us. here is a video of our last song at our last show. Robin Scherbatsky
we will be continuing to write for our next compilation.

it's almost 4am and ramy and I are still up dubbing tapes for our tour that we're supposed to leave on later today. we recorded 3 new songs last minute this week and those songs are on side a of our 2012 summer tour demo tape. the b-side will have 2 songs we recorded in October 2011 with Max Senna. One of those songs is a Spitboy cover. you can stream the cassette here . i'm really excited to be able to watch Lyburnum every night and to be watch some awesome bands for the first time. we also have a new shirt that we'll have for this trip, maybe we'll have some leftovers. please come see us on our tour! bye!
july 16, 2012 
Kali - Edmonton connection established! Last week really felt like a tour w/ our new friends from Canada, Mahria. thank you Corby, Mike, Lealand, Durrell, and Cory for playing with us and being friendly and awesome. our shows in Pomona, Santa Cruz, and Oakland were great!! thanks again to everyone who came out to see us and made us feel very welcome.

july 4, 2012.
whats more american then spending the 4th of july at work? capitol. capitol. capitol. burn that money to make just a little more over even. captalisim.
 next week we will do our best to throw ourselves head first into this band. the month of june was practice, practice. practice... hopefully we can play some new songs on the mahria tour dates. one more week. can not wait to play. at this point, i almost need these shows and our tour in august, playing a total of only 4 shows this year has been a small bummer. want more life.
we will grind though this week to get to those dates.  july 11th we play a show with all friends, really excited to hear what andrew has been up to in tongue, at alladdin jrs number 2 in pomona.
 -R/ten thousand leagues

june 17, 2012
3:01am- great show. we love you, omar.

june 11, 2012
hello. it's been 9 months since our last update on this webpage and also the first one of this year. we played a handful of shows in the fall and the winter of 2011 and another handful in early 2012. 10,000 has had a long hibernation this spring but now are finally getting back into practice and the riffs. everyone will be in LA at one time or another this summer and we are currently trying to write and practice as much as we can right now. there are a few new songs and ideas being thrown around and the new, revitalized energy is getting us very excited to make music again. we're not sure what kind of release is going to be in the works next but it will very likely be a record of our own with just enough songs to pass.
10,000 is playing a benefit show this saturday 6/16/12 for our dear friend Omar who is trying to pay off medical bills. it will either be in LA or West Covina, the space is to TBA but to keep in the loop, go here to check for updates. 
we are also playing 3 of Mahria's California dates on their West Coast tour in July. we are going on a West Coast tour ourselves in August. specific dates will be posted very soon...
i hope i didn't miss anything.... see you soon!

september 6, 2011
tour was awesome. thank you to every band, every organizer, every new friend that helped us along the way. John Cota/Ten Thousand Leagues split 10" record now available through us, John Cota, and also Radical Friends. just send us an email for now. we're writing music at the moment.

may 7, 2011
our side of the John Cota/10,000 split almost done!! we're waiting for our 3 songs to be mixed. it should be ready by next week and who knows if any of the tracks will appear someplace online... hmmm... it's not so important, right? but, it's really exciting to be at the brink of completion. hopefully the record comes sooner than expected!

april 21, 2011
hi everyone. last sunday we went into The Earth Capital and recorded guitar and drums for our 3 song split with John Cota. sounds great so far even with just two unmixed, shit instruments. we will be finishing up the rest of the tracks at the end of this week. don't hold your breath.
 John Cota has released one song off their split to the world. you can listen to it here :: www.JohnCota.net
The Archetypes/Ten Thousand Leagues split 12" is here!!! from what i know, they are all screened and ready to go. Olhar De Vidro will be taking orders online starting monday.
 we are going to be playing shows soon. we have a few lined up. you might see us as a five piece, possibly a four piece at some shows.

january 28, 2011
last night was the Duke Nukem Forever, Burn Idols, 10,000, Under, Wilderness show. thank you to everyone, friends, strangers who came to the show and to every member of each band for playing. Jeff...you are now a man...for this weekend.
i am making this entry to make things clear that the JOHN COTA/TEN THOUSAND LEAGUES split 10" record will be happening!!! we're still on the very tip of finishing the end of our last song. we plan on recording 3 new songs for this record in mid-March. a summer release is very likely. Radical Friends Records from Las Vegas, Nevada will be releasing the project. endless thanks to alex, nils, and tracy for the undeserving support. such a gesture cannot go unheard. 
now that the winter show season has come to an end, we can get started on making some physical copies of the demo. sorry if you've been asking. 

january 19, 2011
the Archetypes/Ten Thousand Leagues split 12" record should be here within the next few weeks. Olhar De Vidro will be taking orders for it very, very soon. we're at the very end of writing the last of the music for the John Cota split, which will probably come out in the summer on Radical Friends Recs. Caravels will be here this week and we are playing 2 shows with them. bye.

january 2, 2011
this week was great, consisting of three awesome shows played together as a full band! jeff, we will miss you as you make your way back up to the north. John Cota, Ruined Tongue was awesome this week, thank you guys for coming!!! i'd like to thank all the friends that we were involved in this past week of shows, it was really wonderful to see you all. it's really a shame that it's a rare instance for every single one of us to be in the same room together but i am so happy that our love for music and punk rock can bring us together at least once a year. go find Burn Idols and burn idles. 
our split 12" with Archetypes will be here very....very....soon......
the band is working very hard to finish up our last song for the John Cota/Ten Thousand Leagues split record. a record label and more information will be announced very soon. we all foresee a spring release for this project. we will be recording 3 new songs in February. 
next week, we will be playing in Pasadena with Matsuri, Ordstro, Innards, Adobe Homes, and Burn Idols. check out the show listing on the left for more info. don't miss these awesome touring bands!
***it's the start of a new year but it shouldn't take you a full orbit to change your ways. make everyday resolutions instead of new years resolutions. 

december 29, 2010
jeff is back and we're playing a couple of shows this winter! 

our demo tape is still in the works but it'll be out really soon!  stay tuned.... practice makes perfect. the 12" split LP with ARCHETYPES will be also soon be here! 

writing, writing, writing for the John Cota split...... 
november 19, 2010 
OUR FIRST DEMO IS COMPLETE! you can stream the songs using the music player that i just embedded on this page or go directly to our bandcamp page (http://tenthousandleagues.bandcamp.com). 50 cds and 50 cassettes are planned to be designed and produced by Kyeo Speaks and Olhar De Vidro. 

our next show is in late December, i'm sure we'll have the demo in a physical form by then. coming soon to LA this winter....JOHN COTA, MATSURI, INNARDS, RUINED TONGUE, ORDSTRO, ADOBE HOMES, CARAVELS! we're still trying to finish setting up all the shows for these bands so if you can help and want to host us, please send us an email. Calculator, Burn Idols winter break hang tyme. 

november 9, 2010
thank you to everyone who came to our show in Claremont this past saturday. it was great being with friends. Burn Idols are brothers. last friday and saturday was spent at The Earth Capital recording our first demo. thank you Alex! a final mix will be released later this week and we will be doing a run of cassette tapes for this first demo. there is a very strong possibly that these songs will also end up on a 12" split record with a band soon to be announced. we are still constantly writing music. the future holds a gleaming crystal, high enough for all to see. 

october 24, 2010
another last minute show coming up this wednesday at Cobalt Cafe. this will be the first time playing as a four-piece (if you aren't aware, Jeff lives in Santa Cruz). plans to record our first demo are underway. we will be in the studio in two weeks. the band is still constantly writing music but planet Earth is still a shit-hole. i don't understand my feelings. 

october 20, 2010
the first show was interesting. thanks to everyone who came out to see us but sorry that bullshit had to ensure at our second attempt to continue the show. ask us what happened to find out. we're currently writing some new songs right now and are also planning to record our first five songs at a studio sometime within the next month. details on how it will be released are still in the brainstorming stage but at least a decent recording is a start!  thanks to Matsuri for an amazing weekend at TexasToastDIY house! check out all the great projects that they are doing in the website listing at the bottom of the page. John Cota didn't actually hit the bridge.

september 22, 2010 
this is the new tenthousandleagues document and bulletin. all content and activities will be updated here, including shows, lyrics, discography details, etc. this summer was a period of writing our first songs. we have been recording rough demos this past month but a proper collection has yet to develop. our first show will be happening at HYDE PARK HALF in Inglewood, CA on October 2nd. other bands include LOMA PRIETA, CALCULATOR, BEAU NAVIRE, DAMAGES. we will be playing first. the possibility of a demo being available at the show isn't too impossible. the world shall see.... see you there!

show history

year 2015
~~~~~~~~~~MEXICO TOUR 2015~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                     w/ NEVADO

8/9/15 - Colima, Mexico @Nevado, Garrick, veritas, the grandmother flyer
8/8/15 - Guadalajara, Mexico @ La Kalaka bar w/Nevado, Malastare, veritas, nadzat

8/7/15 - Mexico City, Mexico @ El Centro De Salud w/Nevado, tormentas, deshuesdaro 

8/6/15 - Puebla, Mexico @ Foro 519 w/nevado, aves, bible for robots

8/5/15 - Mexico City, Mexico @ casa de terror (secret show) w/ los grises collective jam

8/3/15 - Tijuana, Mexico @ Mods bar w/ the zeta, desnudos en coma, bestias, walle

8/2/15 - Sand Diego @ Che Cafe w/haruka, dark tide, fell to low

~~~~~~~~~~MEXICO TOUR 2015~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                     w/ NEVADO

7/18/15 - Santa Cruz @Sub Rosa Infoshop w/Leucrota, Negative Standards, Pills

7/17/15 - Oakland @ books for days w/left astray

2/15/15 - SLO @ nux fest seven w/ la bella, wuv, crush, drawing water, a lot more

1/4/15 - Sand Diego @ legend records w/la bella, dangers, cursed craves, and seizures 

1/3/15 - La Puente @ Bridgetown DIY w/calculator, la bella, dangers

year 2014

7/19/14 - San Diego @ Dawg Haus 
w/ Perpetual Motion Machine

7/18/14 - La Puente @ Bridgetown DIY 
w/ Spoonboy, Left Astray

6/29/14 - Oakland @ Nerd Castle 
w/ Nudes, Pig DNA, The Light 

6/30/14 - San Jose @ San Jose Rock Shop 
w/  Leer, Yoshi Tonic, Pathos Mathos

5/1/14 - Casa Jiminez, Pomona 
w/ La Bella, Left Astray, Circle Takes The Square, Colombian Necktie

year 2013

2/15/13 - Zumi House Santa Cruz @ NOT YOUR AVERAGE FEST 
w/ Leer, Replica, Tough Stuff, Yoshi Tonic, Peroxide Youth

2/16/13 - Harris St San Luis Obispo @ NUX FEST V 

year 2012

8/31/12 - Kitty Castle, San Jose
w/ Stressors

8/30/12 - Submission, San Francisco 
w/ Drowning With Our Anchors, NoTongue, Ordstro

8/29/12 - house in Chico, CA
w/ Tip Mahkno 

8/28/12 - Laughing Horse Books, Portland OR
w/ Sloths, The Sky Above And The Earth Below

8/27/12 - Olympia, WA
w/ Adjustment To Society

8/26/12 - a pyrate punx show in Seattle
w/ Carrion Spring, Carrion Cathartic 

8/24/12 - house in Bellingham, WA
w/ Carrion Spring, Trees & Stars

8/23/12 - The Waxhouse, Idaho Falls, Idaho

8/22/12 - house in Reno, NV
w/ Oblivion and conservative hc band

8/21/12 - Chinatown Youth Center, Fresno
w/ Cabin Fire

8/15/12 - Blood Orange Infoshop, Riverside
w/ Sloths

8/14/12 - Che Cafe, San Diego 
w/ Braveyoung, Lyburnum, The Body

7/13/12 - The Hive, Oakland w Mahria, John Cota, MNWA

7/12/12 - Storey House, Santa Cruz w Mahria, John Cota, Leer

7/11/12 - Aladdin Jr, Pomona w Mahria, Calculator, No Tongue, Moxiebeat

6/16/12 - Cameron's house west covina, ca
w/ la bella, moxiebeat, iconic

2/19/12 - storey house  santa cruz, ca
w/matsuri, john cota, beach bummed, leer, buffalo7x

2/18/12 - NUXFEST4
San Luis Obispo, ca

Che Cafe la jolla, ca
w/ wolves in the throne room, griever

year 2011

falafel palace westchester, ca
w/ burn idols, calculator
potluck. email for details.

BOIS 3485 University Ave, Riverside
w/ Caravels

Che Cafe9500 Gilman Dr. Student Center B-0323C, La Jolla
w/ Caravels

Division 9 w/ Loma Prieta, Calculator, Griever
Riverside, CA

The Hive w/ Matsuri, John Cota
Oakland, CA

U.S. Summer Tour
The Court Of Slam w/ For Want Of, Choirs
Austin, TX

1919 Hemphill w/ Innards, Two Knights

God's Butt w/ Ridgemont, Mixtapes
Birmingham, AL

Osterneck Auditorium w/ Iselia
Lumberton, NC

Legitimate Business w/ Iselia, Barrow
Greensboro, NC

The Bell Foundry
Baltimore, MD

Wacky Kastle w/ Bedroom Eyes, Dads
Allston, MA

Meat Locker w/ Guidelines
MMontclair, NJ

Manton House w/ Best Friends
Philadelphia, PA

Strangelight w/ Loma Prieta, Punch, Get Rad
Chicago, IL

Alec's house w/ Alta, Swear Words, Shock Value, Cyborg
Madison, WI

Coffee House w/ Harps
Normal, IL

Manheim w/ Lizards Have Personalities
Kansas City, MO

Nowhere House w/ I Hate My Village
Kuna, ID

Cretin Hop and a 2nd show at a punk house
Spokane, WA

Kame house w/ Get Mean
Seattle, WA

Robbie's house w/ Wild Guess
Olympia, WA

Laughing Horse Books w/ Wild Guess, John Cota
Portland, OR

Plymouth house w/ Wild Moth
San Francisco, CA

Burnt Ramen w/ Versions, Silver Snakes
Richmond, CA

TexasToast w/ Silver Snakes, Ordstro
San Jose, CA

Broad St. house
San Luis Obispo, CA

Aladdin Jr w/ Ghastly City Sleep, John Cota, Calculator, Burn Idols, Under
Pomona, CA
HOUSE SHOW w/ Joyce Manor, Residuals, Ruptures, i never knew you
47 dorrit ct. Newbury park, ca

The Blvd w/Liberate, Matsuri, burn idols, fatherlonesome
2631 Whittier Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 

Division 9 w/ Matsuri, fatherlonesome, la bella, black benjamin
3850 Lemon Street, Riverside CA

Yayo tacos w/The Saddest Landscape, Calculator, Caravels
4632 South Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, NV

Che Cafe w/ The Saddest Landscape, Calculator, My Iron Lung
9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla CA
Division 9 w/ The Saddest Landscape, Calculator
3850 Lemon Street, Riverside CA
Co-Op House w/ Pills, Lumber Lung, La Bella
2599 Huntington Drive, Claremont CA
Santa Barbara  w/ Pills, Sex Prisoner
The Pink Mailbox
The Blvd w/ Capsule, La Bella, UNDER
2361 Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles CA
Co-Op House w/ A Nation Sleeps, The Kingsford Run, La Bella, Silver Snakes
2599 Huntington Drive, Claremont CA
division 9 art space -3485 university ave Riverside, CA
w/Pygmy Lush/Des Ark/Joyce Manor/Lumber Lung/Jon Atkins 
infusion-5716 east los angles ave. simi valley 93063
w/Black Sheep Wall/The Kingsford Run/moss youth/rivers/residuals

The Blvd - 2631 Whittier Blvd, Boyle Heights
w/ Duke Nukem Forever, Burn Idols, Deadhead, Under

Back To The Grind - 3575 University Ave, Riverside
w/ Caravels, Octaves, Ruptures

Beauty Is Pain Boutique 
1433 N. Highland, Los Angeles
w/ Deadhead, Caravels, Octaves, Ruptures

MeowMeowz - Colorado Blvd, Pasadena
w/ Matsuri, Ordstro, Adobe Homes, Innards, Burn Idols, A Nation Sleeps

Che Cafe - 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla
w/ John Cota, Calculator, Burn Idols, Capsize

year 2010

Cobalt Cafe  Canoga Park
w/ John Cota, Ruined Tongue, Badmouth, A Nation Sleeps

Manchester/Hindry Warehouse - 1019 West Manchester Blvd, Inglewood
w/ Ruined Tongue, Burn Idols

Chain Reaction - 1652 West Lincoln Ave, Anaheim
w/ Letlive

11/6/10 @ Student Gold Room at Pitzer College
1050 N. Mills Road, Claremont
w/ The Funeral Pyre, Elitist, Burn Idols, J:Ward
6pm // donation

10/27/10 @ Colbalt Cafe
22047 Sherman Way, Canoga Park
w/ Colombian Necktie

10/2/10 @ Hyde Park Half
734 e. Hyde Park Blvd, Inglewood
w/ Beau Navire, Calculator, Loma Prieta, Damages