we are band with members spread out from Los Angeles to the Bay Area. 
Jeff, Ramy, Mark, and Andrew can be contacted at tenthousandleaguesdiy@gmail.com 
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we aren't and won't be playing too many shows but sometimes we will. maybe quite often, who knows? 
            here are the shows we do know...

discography *Hannah R. played bass on our first two records. we miss you!
 released by KYEO Speaks/Olhar De Vidro/RedShift Records
recorded at The Earth Capital nov5, nov6 2010
these are the first songs we wrote as a band during the summer and fall of 2010// lyrics

our side ::
1. Pieces Of Mosaic
2. Blank Scripture
3. Timepiece
4. Forfeit This Routine
5. Early Morning Eyes
released by RADICAL FRIENDS, summer 2011
recorded at The Earth Capital, mixed by Max Senna
John Cota is/was the best band ever.

our side ::
1. Home Along The Tracks
2. Burning Victim
3. Loose Ties
2012 SUMMER TOUR DEMOS cassette tape
 recorded and dubbed ourselves
*recorded by max senna

side a:
1. Robin Scherbatsky
2. Guillotine Pipe
3.Disassemble Monoliths
side b:
4. Bad Seed Complex*
5. Right (Spitboy cover)*

//sold out//

friends to look up...
John Cota, Matsuri, Calculator, La Bella, Moxiebeat, Ordstro, Pills, Burn Idols, t̶o̶n̶g̶u̶e̶, Drowning With Our Anchors, Leer, Left Astray, For Want Of, Claudine De Culam, Di Bravura, Beau Navire, Guidelines, MNWA, Innards, Loma Prieta, Lyburnum, Witch Prayer, Yoshitonic, OutxRage, Dream Caste, Half Awake, Iselia, Tigon, Ruptures, Moss Youth, They As In Them, Lumber Lung, Residuals, Mahria, Mercy Ties, Become, Wild Moth, Duck. Little Brother, Duck!, Tip Mahkno, Sloths

***thank you to every band, organizer/promoter, friend, stranger that we met and who helped us this past summer on our 2011 U.S. tour. 
our deepest appreciation cannot ever be fully expressed and i cannot wait until our paths meet again.***