Our Vihara

Statue of Lord Buddha

Buddhism is one of the great religions which is seen as many as a way of life. It promotes non-violence in our society. One of the main objectives of Buddhism is to lead oneself into living a happy and peaceful life while respecting each other in the community.

    There are three main philosophies that are taught in Buddhism; Dana (generosity), Seela (morality) and Bhavana (meditation). Here at the Tennessee Buddhist Vihara, we guide everyone to follow these great practices according to the way of the Buddha, known as the "Middle Path".

    The Tennessee Buddhist Vihara is located in Memphis, Tennessee. The land and the property for this vihara was donated on October 18th 2012 by Mrs. Shani Wijay in memory of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Shelton P. Jayasinghe.

    Our Dhamma friends, mainly in Memphis-Tennessee, and in the neighboring states such as Mississippi, Alabama and the likes, have received a wonderful opportunity to practice Theravada Buddhist traditions in the southern part of the USA. We welcome all of you to our Dhamma center!